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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

Angel's laying in bed as Nina and LaGuerta chat about how strong he is. Weakly, and with his eyes still closed, Angel says, "I'm getting tired of hearing you two hyenas cluck." The two women smile, relieved to see him awake. "Hey, you," says Nina, warmly. "You had us so worried." "If I had known this would get you back in the same room with me, I would have gotten stabbed sooner." Aw, he loves her, you guys. Nina says she's going to go get the doctor, and leaves. Angel tries to sit up a little, and LaGuerta tells him not to. "The doctor says you're lucky to be alive and still have a liver." "That's why I got two, right?" Aw, he's joking! Who's our favorite little alive buddy? Is it you? "Tell me you caught the cocksucker that ruined one of my best shirts." LaGuerta says they don't have any leads. "Did you see anything?" "No, he was behind me. I just felt the blade go in." He asks how long Nina has been there, and Maria tells him she was the first to arrive. "Yo no sé porque, pero..."

Examining Angel's shirt at the lab, Dexter VOs, "My mother was murdered before my eyes. It makes sense I choose a life where I search for meaning in blood, when the sole memory I have of her is covered in it. I need to know more details." LaGuerta arrives, and Dexter smiles at her. "I hope that look means you found something on Batista's shirt," she says. "You should see this," he replies. He shows her a small blood drop on the inside of the collar of the shirt. "This is what I drove all the way back from the hospital for?" "This drop of blood doesn't match the wound pattern or the spatter from the rest of Batista's shirt. And, look where it is." "You think it's the attacker's blood?" "We know Batista fought back..." LaGuerta tells him to send a sample to DNA, which he's already done. "Sorry to hear Matthews took you off the case." "Last gasp of a desperate man," she says, looking into the next room to see what Doakes is up to. "Things are going to change around here. I won't forget your help." They share a genuinely nice and smiley moment, and she takes her leave.

In the next room, Deb and Doakes and a bunch of other people are re-watching the tape. Deb is having trouble watching it again, but Doakes tell her to hold on. After the hooker's throat is cut, the camera jolts up and shows two large vents. "That, my friends, is a monster refrigeration unit." Masuka mentions that it was probably a custom build, judging by the height of the ceilings. "So we should focus our search on commercial districts?" asks another cop. "No, residential," says Deb. "You think he built this in his own place?" asks Doakes, incredulously. "He picks up hookers, right? I worked vice. The smart girls know not to go near a factory or a warehouse unless you never want to be seen again." The random extra cop asks if maybe the ITK knocked out his victims and then dragged them to a warehouse. "None of the other victims showed any signs of head injury, or narcotics," says Deb. "Besides, what better way to trap your victim than to get them to walk into your own home!" Deb maps out where the escort service said the hooker met her client, and where her body was found. Doakes elaborates that they might just get lucky if they can find any residences that are drawing inordinate amounts of power from the grid. "If we catch a break, we'll catch this son of a bitch!"

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