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It Was Just My Machinations Runnin' Away With Me

Backlit survivors sit around the campfire as the moon rises. Tom tells us that there is a little bit of animosity at camp toward Lex Loser. Tom says that a lot of people have been asking him about his alliance; "a lot" is a strange way to word it, though, since the maximum number who could have asked him is three. Tom tells Kimj something I absolutely cannot understand except that it involves "tak[ing] care of it" and "us[ing] [his] personal judgment." As opposed to continuing to use Lex Loser's personal gut. Kimj whispers to Ethan that they don't want Lex Loser and Tom around at the end of the game. She thinks Ethan has gotten too far "to have that happen to [him]." Ethan looks skeptical. In a confessional, Kimj tells us that she is "absolutely trying to work a deal." She says she knows the guys really don't want their alliance to come down to the final three, because they're all suspicious of one another. At this point, her dilemma, she thinks, is to determine which of the men feels the most vulnerable, and thus is the best prospect to approach "with some type of scenario." Kimj urges Ethan to help her eliminate either Lex Loser or Tom in the next Council; then she says he has to decide. Ethan then tells us that Kimj told him that he had to get Lex Loser off, otherwise he'd be "shooting [himself] in the foot."

Suddenly, Lex Loser struts back into camp, but without the typical fanfare. Kimj tells him they thought he'd gone out for a steak dinner, but Lex Loser says he didn't. Maybe he didn't get fed at all? If I were one of the producers of this show and I had an unlikable contestant on a winning streak, I'd arrange for non-food reward challenges as well to give the other competitors at least some chance of catching up. In any case, Lex Loser tells us that after being gone most of the day, the vibe at camp was "thick." The others ask how the trip was, and he says it was "heavy." He explains to us in a confessional that the other tribe members were bummed because "they lost and didn't win." He thinks everyone was nervous, and no one really wanted to talk to him; still, he continues chronicling his experience at Wamba Hospital to the others, none of whom look that interested. Lex Loser then says that there was some "strange stuff goin' down" at Mofo Maji, and "the mojo was just...funky."

The plotting continues as we begin Day 36 . Ethan bitches in a confessional because Lex Loser is healthy and has been eating normally compared to the other members of Mofo Maji. He says that Lex Loser is "ridin' on confidence," and that it's hard for Ethan to be on top of his game. In freaky light, Kimj whispers to Lex Loser that the mood around camp is not -- as he thinks -- that they're angry at him, but just a general feeling of resignation. Lex Loser greets Tom, who grumbles something in response. Kimj tells us in a confessional that Tom has, at various points, tried to get Lex Loser voted off. She says he told Teresa that Lex Loser should be the next to go, "unbeknownst" to Lex Loser or Ethan; she also says he told her personally that if she had the opportunity, voting Lex Loser off would be a positive thing, but that he didn't want to know anything about it. A dust tornado kicks up in exactly the same location it did a few weeks back. Tom and Ethan lie side by side, and I think this is the same footage from the stinky foot segment. Tom says that they've made an alliance and will stick to it, because "what will be will be," and he doesn't know any other way about it. Sadly, he does not launch into a jaunty chorus of "Que Sera Sera." Ethan, however, does know another way: voting Lex Loser off. Tom says that Lex Loser will be hard to beat because he's so strong, and Ethan wants to know, "Doesn't the thought of him winning again piss you off?" Ethan tells us in a confessional that he went into the game wanting to win the whole thing by playing fairly and going against the best people head-to-head. I can't figure out who he thinks that should be, though.

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