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A Roll in the Sand

Previously on Survivor, the alliance of John, Zoe, Tammy, and Robert maintained "strategic control of the camp." Paschal gave his "huge word" to John, but it wasn't so "huge" after all, or at least it didn't end up meaning as much as he said it did. And as it turned out, Paschal and Neleh were indeed "supporting [John's] success in the game." If "success in the game" meant voting his ass out the next chance they got. Eight remain. Who will be voted out tonight?

It's Day 25 at Soliantu. We see the pretty waterfall, and voices rise above the water's rush. Sean announces that it's "a new day," and it "feels like The Wiz." I'm assuming he means the musical, and not Kathy's new nickname after peeing on John's hand. In any case, Sean launches into a rousing rendition of "Brand New Day" from said musical. Vecepia joins in, because that's what she does. Meanwhile, Sean has raised his fist in the air and is pumping it. Take that, old day! It's a brand new day! Kathy says she loves that song, but I bet she's never heard it before. In a confessional, Sean tells us that he feels good this morning because until now his "destiny" has been in other people's hands, so being in control is a new experience. Kathy stands directly underneath the waterfall and her bathing suit sags. Actually, Kathy's bathing suit sags wherever she stands. She needs some new elastic. Or the breasts of Britney Spears. Now from opposite sides of the waterfall, Sean and Vee greet the world with shouts of, "Hello, world!" and then Vee tells Sean he'll be the "first Jet beauty of the week." In a confessional Sean rehashes how he, Vee, Neleh, Paschal, and Kathy voted John out, and says, "Truly may the best man win with no alliance." So basically, you can conspire to vote as a group, but so long as you don't actually call it an "alliance" then it's not one? Sean jumps off the edge of the waterfall and yells, "Marquesan Islands!" and I'll have to remember to yell "Baltimore City!" the next time I step off a curb. Paschal lies near the group but is not actively involved in their celebration. He tells us in a confessional that he wants the non-manipulative, fair players to reach the top. As he says this, we see clips of Sean giving the peace sign, Neleh floating on her back, and Vecepia backstroking by a now ecstatic, no longer floating Neleh. Neleh says of John's last minute ejection, "I just think it's hilarious. Like, I just laugh my head off." She then proceeds to laugh her head off, in case we didn't get it.

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