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A Roll in the Sand

It's now Day 27 and Sean looks pensive. The tribe is very excited by their breakfast of mango slices. I'm not sure whether Paschal and Sean returned to camp with mango, or whether the other managed to locate some. Or maybe they're being sarcastic and are not at all excited about the mango? I'm unsure. Still, Paschal says he'll never again let a banana get so ripe that he'll throw it away. Tammy tells us that she felt desperate this morning because she wasn't ready to leave the game. She talked to Rob, and they decided that their only chance to remain in the game was to gain Neleh and Paschal's allegiance. Tammy doesn't know if that will happen, but it's their only chance.

Now, Rob, Neleh, Tammy, and Paschal head off into the woods together. I don't know where the other members of Soliantu are during this exit, or if Tammy and Robert in any way think they're being discreet, but they're not. Paschal tells us that he and Neleh were approached because Rob and Tammy wanted to talk about "how the game has unraveled." Robert wants Neleh and Paschal to know that John wasn't speaking for the group. Paschal tells us this was a "final gasp," by Tammy and John, and that they denied being in cahoots with John. Robert argues that no one ever came to him and asked about his ties to John, so he doesn't want to be held accountable for anything John said. He's upset that Paschal and Neleh have "associated" him with the Rotu alliance.

Paschal tells us in a confessional that Robert's claims didn't seem sincere or make sense. We then see him point out to the others that they didn't exactly make a point of disassociating themselves from John, either. Robert and Tammy insist that they had no idea what John was telling the others. In a confessional, Robert complains that Paschal and Neleh don't believe him, but he's never lied to them. While Neleh rambles on about how bluebirds help her get dressed in the morning and little mice comb through her hair, Robert huffs that Paschal and Neleh will believe what they want to believe and he isn't going to change their minds. Tammy then pulls out their secret weapon, the "the bottom line": would Neleh and Paschal prefer to stand beside Sean and Vecepia in the final four? Paschal doesn't directly answer the question, but does say he wants to stand next to people who never distorted the truth in order to manipulate him. Robert insists that Paschal can't say that without talking to him, because Paschal can't read his mind.

Robert tells us he won't "beg for anything," but the situation "seems a little personal" to him. He says he's had his say, and that's it. We then see him exit the group with the words, "When I'm on the branch just let me know," before sauntering off. Neleh tells us that Rob walked away because he didn't feel trusted; she says he's upset because they trust Sean and Vee more than they do him and Tammy. She blahs that he got "caught in his own game" and is now trying to manipulate them again, but she's not falling for it.

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