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A Roll in the Sand

Now Robert hacks at a log with the machete as Neleh voice-overs that he is definitely pouting right now. She says he might need time to think because he has a "really bad attitude." We see Kathy approach him and invite him to the waterfall. He grumbles without looking up, "I got something that I gotta do." Really, it's pretty funny. He can go in the playpen next to Neleh. He tells us in a confessional that the others don't like his grumpiness, but says, "Hey, I don't give a fat ass what you like." He says that's the way he is, and he couldn't care less if people don't like it. The others have to live with him for a few more days, anyway. He says if he wins immunity, he and his grumpiness will be around for longer than that.

In a confessional, Zoe calls Robert "a bull in the china shop." She complains that he's hard to deal with and does things only when he wants to. She's had enough of both him and Tammy. Now Robert and Zoe sit by the fire and Zoe says she doesn't want to cook on the green wood. Robert snaps that he's burning it all in the next four days anyway because he cut it all. She answers, "Great, burn the whole house down," and he says again, "I'm burning it all!" I'm not sure what that argument was all about -- or even that it really was an argument -- but it definitely seemed contrary to me. Zoe now tells us that "to put it blunt," she has no intention of sticking with Tammy and Robert. She claims that she hasn't trusted them from the beginning, and has now started letting people know in "little ways" that she's no longer in the alliance and is "off on her own." She's a rogue Survivor!

In order to express her newfound free agency, Zoe decided to make shell jewelry for everyone in the tribe. She's still working on a few, and I bet they're the "few" intended for Robert and Tammy. Kathy receives her bracelet and squeals that Zoe is "darling." The others hover around while Zoe makes the jewelry, and Tammy looks on suspiciously. In a confessional she tells us that Zoe is "sucking up" because she thinks that if the others like her, they won't vote her out. We see Neleh saying, "How 'bout a bracelet or an armband?" She says she'd love a bracelet, but you know she's hinting that her vote's worth both. Tammy complains that Zoe's behavior is blatantly fake, and she can't understand how the others don't see that. Neleh hugs Zoe and calls her "the most tender-hearted person out here." She must mean aside from herself. Tammy and Robert watch the others fawn over Zoe with raised eyebrows.

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