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A Roll in the Sand

Treemail reveals a pair of stilts with the following clue: "Don't care if you're big/If you're not you'll be taller/Maybe strength could help/Or be a plus if you're smaller/Practice does make perfect/So play with these all day/Fail to heed this warning/Be the next to go away." They all ooh and aaah at the conclusion of the clue, like the "next to go away" part is a revelation. Neleh explains to us that they got "some stilts" and will practice (because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!); she hopes it "goes good."

A montage follows of various members of the tribe attempting to remain erect on the stilts. Vee coaches herself that "balance is the key," and then falls off. Neleh says, "Dang this" as she keeps trying, and Paschal just gives up. In a confessional, Tammy gleefully tells us that it was fun watching the others practice because "they sucked!" She says it didn't look like they were going to get the hang of it, and that a win for her is crucial. She explains that she went to another beach where no one could see her practice. Looking very tough, Tammy struts around on the stilts, climbs down, then looks around suspiciously to be sure no one was watching. She blows on her hands because she was smokin'! Or maybe she has wood burn. In any case, she tells us she's not out of it yet, dramatically claiming, "Not until I hear my name read at Tribal Council."

A large circle drawn in the sand awaits them, along with about a zillion Survivor flags. The circle, it turns out, is part of the challenge. The flags, however, are not. Peachy struts into the center of the circle, commanding Tammy to "gimme that necklace back." Tammy says it doesn't want to come off. Then, Peachy explains that challenge is "Marquesan stilt fighting," which he says is still practiced for fun and entertainment on the island. Here, my friends and I were very excited for chicken fights on stilts, but that, sadly, was not to be. Instead, Peachy says they will enter the ring two at a time facing each other, walk towards each other, and the first to fall off loses. A series of heats will leave one victor in the end. Peachy points out that there are big stakes ahead: the winner's chances for winning the million will go from one in eight to one in seven. Peachy makes it sound all ominous and dramatic, but the difference seems pretty small to me. Then again, if it was the difference between me and a million dollars, I'm sure I'd feel differently.

Vee and Robert are first to compete, and Peachy commands them to, "Mount your stilts." When Peachy says, "Ready, " they will step with one foot. On his command of "Go," they will immediately begin falling off. Actually, "Go" means "both feet," but it's all the same thing. Vee manages one baby step; Robert, not even that. So Vee moves on, and Robert is out of the game.

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