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A Roll in the Sand

Now Kathy and Paschal compete. Paschal looks nervous and Kathy cheers for him and then laughingly wonders, "What are we doing?" She doesn't move either foot before falling off; nor does Paschal, actually, but he falls more slowly and so wins. He's very surprised, and dances around (not lewdly) like a cartoon character who's had a match lit between his toes.

Neleh and Tammy are next to go, and Peachy says, "Let's see if somebody can do the impossible and stand on these for more than a second." Neleh looks silly in her hat, and Tammy is all business. They both manage to take a series of steps, but then Neleh goes down. Peachy congratulates them both on their "good effort." Tammy moves on.

Now Sean and Zoe compete and Sean falls instantly, so Zoe doesn't have to do a thing.

The first heat of the semi-finals pits Vee against Paschal. Paschal seems to think he proved he was good at stilt-walking because he won a round, and struts cockily up to the ring. Sean is very supportive of Vee; he cheers for her to concentrate. This time they manage a couple of baby steps each, but then they both fall at the same time. Paschal's slow-falling method fails him, and he loses.

Zoe nods and smiles smugly at Tammy as they prepare to climb up on their stilts, while Tammy just glares. Zoe then loses complete control and does an aerial split, while Tammy continues advancing menacingly toward her. Peachy wants to know if Zoe's okay; he didn't know human legs could extend that far.

Now we're at the finals and it's Tammy against Vee, which is really no contest. Sean tells Vee to, "Do your thing, baby girl." Aw. Vee has greatly improved, but she's no match for the robotic Tammy, who has total control. At one point, Tammy just pauses and gives Vee a perplexed once-over, like, "Why aren't you falling yet? Shouldn't you be falling by now?" Then finally Vee does fall, and Tammy starts shrieking and yelling "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and obnoxiously punching her fists in the air. Peachy calls the victory "very much earned." and Tammy responds, "You have no idea how much I needed this." Except he probably does have an idea, since the tribe's every moment is recorded and watched by Peachy so he can take appropriate jabs at them during Tribal Council.

Peachy puts the necklace on Tammy and starts to say she can't be voted out, but she cuts him off with what is definitely the longest-ever victory scream ever on this show. Peachy points out that everyone else is vulnerable, and promises to see them soon. Incidentally, I would have enjoyed seeing some authentic Marquesan stilt fighting as demonstration, but that's asking too much when more important footage -- like Kathy standing under the waterfall -- already ends up on the cutting room floor. Although they did let us watch Charles the Masai Warrior poke Charles the Cow for the blood-drinking last season in Africa.

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