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A Roll in the Sand

It's still Day 27 and the tribe returns to camp. Rob congratulates Tammy on her victory, and she doesn't want him to give up. They console each other. Paschal tells us that the "foregone conclusion" was that Tammy would be voted out, but that can't happen now, so Zoe and Robert are both under consideration. Zoe fishes as Neleh voice-overs that Zoe is a hard worker, but has a bigger chance of winning immunity than Robert. We turn to a clip of a whistling Robert while Neleh continues telling us that he has been depressed and exhibiting a horrible attitude, so it might "work out better" if he left instead of Zoe. Neleh says no one wants to be around him anymore, not even her imaginary playmate Elton. She and Elton think it's kind of funny though. Robert tells us he can "accept [his] fate," as long as everyone else can accept their fate when he makes his decision on the jury.

Tribal Trill. Jabba the Tribal Council Hut, and a furious-looking tiki. Peachy brings in John, who's looking fine, and a good bit like Paul Rudd. But did his ears grow? Peachy wants to momentarily put the votes aside and "gage" what it's been like for the S8. Peachy asks how Sean feels being out there "livin' on [his] own," and what is this, Survivor: The College Years? Sean chokes up because he's thinking about his mother. He says he won the challenge with Paschal because of his mom. Does that mean Paschal won the challenge because of Sean's mom, too? Sean tells Peachy that he didn't have a father, and that he's the man he is today because of his mother. Actually, he doesn't finish that sentence because he breaks down crying in the middle of it. He then says, "See, Jeff, man..." and tries to continue, but cannot.

Peachy asks if Robert has experienced any "revelations." Robert responds that the last three days have been his "days of reckoning." He's analyzed himself and the people around him, and then cites one person in particular as having denied her past actions and alliances because she's "suck[ing] up to the powers that be right now." He says he's seen people "looked upon as nobodies" become great players in the game, and that he came to the Marquesas with "pride, dignity, integrity, and a backpack," and he'll leave with all of those things, plus a few friends. He hopes he'll take those relationships through the rest of his days.

Peachy questions whether Zoe recalls a moment that stands out on a "deeper level," and Zoe responds that the way she's "conducted [her]self" has been difficult, but she's played hard and worked hard. She doesn't say she lied her ass off.

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