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A Roll in the Sand

Peachy then tries to get Tammy to give away her immunity, but she says there's "no chance in hell" of that because she worked way too hard, and knows her butt is on the line. A clip of Robert looking disappointed is shown here, but I have no doubt he knew she wasn't about to hand over immunity to him.

Now the voting begins. Zoe wordlessly votes for Robert, then Robert turns around and votes for her. He says, "Maybe this will be my one valuable contribution to the tribe," which suggests to me that she accused him of not being useful around camp. We don't see who Sean votes for, but he says it's "strictly a strategy move," and he plans to see this person "on the other side." Tammy then fills out her whole voting paper with Zoe's name. She says, "I'm voting you out tonight because, well, I just don't like you." And as Zoe herself said last week, payback's a bitch.

Peachy goes to tally and -- if she's good -- maybe he'll let Neleh help sometime. Decision is final. Leave immediately. Blah, blah. The first vote is for Zoe, then Rob, then Zoe, then "Zo," who looks perplexed. Then Tammy's super-sized "Zoe" vote, and then a final vote for "Zoey" with little hearts drawn around it. Robert manages to look expressionless throughout this coup, but John doesn't look particularly pleased. Then again, he doesn't know Zoe voted against him yet. Zoe tells Soliantu, "Strength and honor," on her way off the set, and then Peachy tells the others not to give up or count themselves out, because they never know how the game will play out.

Cingular salutes Tammy for being such a hard-ass.

Next time on Survivor, the tribe gets hungry, so Kathy tries to "whack" a shark. Vee cries on her birthday, and Kathy does yet another big old belly flop.

As the credits roll, we know that everyone voted for Zoe. She is surprised to have been voted off so early, but that's the way it goes. She says she worked hard and played hard, then concludes, "Zoe is, uh, she's leaving. That's that I guess." She wishes us sweet dreams, blows a kiss, and then smiles coyly -- and horrifyingly -- at the camera.

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