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A Roll in the Sand

From her wet-assed confessional Tammy tells us that Zoe said she wasn't in the Rotu alliance, but that's not true. If Zoe wants Tammy to keep her mouth shut now so she can play her game that's one thing, but Tammy would respect it more if Zoe would be straight with her. It's now Zoe's turn to stop short. She turns and says, "You want me to tell you that, from the get-go, I didn't like ya? I didn't really dig you. I didn't, like, dig the way your eyes were -- your presentation." Harsh! Tammy stands -- dumbfounded -- and then tries to laugh it off. Tammy now tells us that she's changed her true opinion of Zoe, who's "a bitch." She says that Zoe's trying to save her own butt right now, but maybe her true colors will eventually show through and she'll be voted off in Tammy's place.

We then see Zoe telling Tammy that she doesn't trust her, and Tammy explains that she doesn't trust Zoe either. Or dig her presentation, for that matter. Zoe thinks that's "cool," and that they should go fetch some shells, because that's what they're there to do. They walk off side by side, mutually not digging each other.

In a confessional, Zoe tells us that she's trying to distance herself from Tammy in the game at this point. She says she's there to win, and if she had to "say something to someone and do something exactly the opposite without them knowing or with them finding out later," then that's "just the way life is." Zoe, along with Little Orphan Annie, is clearly aware that it's a hard knock life.

We see Neleh find a big coconut with a clue; she insists that the others are "gonna be so in love" with it, whatever that means. The clue -- perhaps penned by our very own Moppet -- reads, "Hard as a rock/Neat as can be/Tough to get into as you soon will see/You're gonna pair up/But you won't know with whom/Full bellies and a party if you both can pull through." The promise of food accounts for much shouting and happiness among Soliantu.

They arrive at the challenge, and we learn they've randomly drawn lots to determine their pairings: Sean and Paschal; Tammy and Vee; Kathy and Robert; and Neleh and Zoe. You may have noticed by now that I refuse to call Robert "The General." Because it goes against everything I believe in. In any case, each team has a three-foot-tall bamboo shoot, which they are challenged to fill to the top with coconut juice. The S8 can choose to gather coconuts scattered along the beach, or swim "far out" for "large parcels of coconuts" tethered in the water. The first team to completely fill its bamboo shoot wins the reward. Peachy explains that the winners will be picked up at camp by helicopter and dropped off on top of a mountain. Here, he raises his hand -- most likely for Neleh's sake -- to show that a mountain is HIGH. He says "two horse will be waiting" to take a "really fun ride" down to an authentic "full-on" Marquesan feast. He promises that they'll return fully sated and ready for the last thirteen days. Peachy coaches the S8 to take their spots and then reminds them that they can get coconuts from the beach or water, and if I'm ever stranded on a desert island, I hope I remember to look for the large bundle of coconuts anchored fifty yards out.

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