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A Roll in the Sand

He and Paschal literally jump into each others' arms, fall to the sand, and begin rolling around. They don't quite make it to the surf, so they're just rolling around in the sand, while intimately cradling each others' heads. Peachy asks, "Is this the most unlikely pair?" and Paschal responds, "The old man and the brother!" Because "black" and "old" are mutually exclusive. Or because a black person is as unlikely to win as an old person? Peachy guarantees the winners a great day tomorrow and sends them back to camp. The others -- especially Kathy -- actually look generally happy for the victors. Then, as we go to commercial, Sean tries to smooch Paschal on the lips, but Paschal turns his head, so Sean gets the cheek. Dissed!

The sun sets on Day 26. A bird soars, representing the plight and potential of the old and the black. Paschal says he's ready for his "mission," and Neleh wants a full description as soon as he gets back. As they sit together, Kathy urges the others to look at the clouds. No one answers, so she commands, "Look at the pink on the clouds!" Neleh never thought she'd be sitting there on Day 26. Neither did we. Kathy hugs Sean and advises him to have "lots of alcohol and lots of pig." Sean says he'll try, and he'll also eat slow "'cause o' [his] stomach." Kathy again insists that it will be so much fun and she's so happy for them. She gives Sean a big kiss, and then the whole tribe walks them to the arriving helicopter. Vee recaps what went down in the challenge. She says Sean was down but not out, and he particularly deserves the win "after all of the mess some of these people on the Rotu tribe put him through." She fails to include herself in the whole "these people on the Rotu tribe" grouping, even though in the "Look Closer" clips show, she owned up to being a part of them.

Paschal heads into the 'copter and Sean blows them kisses. There's a lot of kissing going on in this episode. Vee cries while Sean gives a thumbs up sign through the window. Kathy feels like they're going away, and an annoyed Tammy points out that they'll only be gone a couple hours. Kathy knows that, but insists that it's exciting anyway. She then wants the others to agree that it's exciting. It is exciting isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it, goddamnit? Do I have to be excited for the rest of you? Do I have to do everything around here?

In the helicopter, Paschal tells Sean they're going to "see this thing all the way through." Is there any reason why they might not follow through on claiming their reward?

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