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A Roll in the Sand

Now they join the men of the tribe, who are hovering over their below-ground oven. They pull off a bunch of leaves to reveal a shiny, pink carcass. The Marquesans chant, and one says "pork" but it sounds like "puerk-a," so Sean says "puerk-a" a few times before realizing that it's just plain old pork. Sean explains in an interview that they'd been led to a "Marquesan oven," and that food has been buried and cooked underground with the heat and volcanic rocks. In addition to the roasted pig, there are plantains, potatoes, and roasted goat. Sean is very excited by the meat and Paschal can't believe it. He tells us in a confessional that there are no words to describe the "tribal rituals" of the Marquesan men. He says he just had to sit down, comprehend, and savor the moment, because it probably won't happen again in his lifetime. Unless he goes to a luau at a Hawaiian hotel, which should be close enough.

The Marquesan men now chant and dance in front of the food. After each word they chant, Sean yells, "Okay!" The men then say the word "botu" a few times, which may or may not refer to food, causing Sean to point and say, "And then botu over here." The Marquesans stand at attention while Sean prays and thanks God for the Marquesans and for Paschal's "lifelong friendship." Then, funk music plays as they chow down. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't need to see close-ups of the food going into their mouths. I don't need to watch their greasy, chewing lips, or the stringy pork pieces as they gnaw at them. I don't need to see the strings of spittle issuing forth from their mouths, or the chewed up food inside their mouths. Honestly, I'll believe they're eating without seeing the gross face-stuffing footage. In any case, Sean tells us that the meal was unbelievable after their diet on the island. He says they should have paced themselves a little more, but it was like "ahahahahahahahhaha" as he makes motions of stuffing food into his mouth. Now that I didn't mind. The drumbeats begin again and female dancers enter while Sean yells, "The ladies, the ladies, the ladies in the house!" Paschal and Sean toast each other with pieces of fried fish.

Now Paschal tells us that while they were enjoying the Marquesan feast, the other members of the tribe were probably fixing the "same old crap" they've been eating every say. Oooooh. Paschal said "crap." Of course, we immediately segue to Soliantu, where gooey coconut drips from the edge of the pot. We hear Kathy and Tammy agree that it's much better to eat just one meal a day.

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