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A Roll in the Sand

I guess that's the best footage they could find of the rest of the tribe looking hungry and pathetic, because we're already back with a happily burping Sean, and Paschal who comments, "That means you enjoyed it!" Sean tells us that he didn't feel bad for the other members of the tribe because he and Paschal were smuggling food for them. We see footage of Paschal sneaking food into his napkin, and who did they really think they were fooling? Plus, it's kind of rude to steal food from your hosts and hostesses. Then again, a few starving actors and actresses probably made a killing off of dressing up like Marquesans, chanting a few meaningless phrases, and serving up a meal. Sean explains that he and Paschal had "a move," where they'd block each other, roll the piece of food up in a napkin, and stuff it in their pockets and bags. Paschal tells us they were then brought out in a circle to dance with the Marquesans, but his pockets were so stuffed with food that his pants were falling down. The chanting natives circle and chant around the thankfully still-clothed Paschal and Sean. Sean looks positively rabid in slow motion, while Paschal is a little less frightening. Then again, Paschal's a little less frightening than a bunny rabbit. Paschal voice-overs that being with Sean -- and from such different ways of life -- while experiencing this day has been incredible. He says he'll never hear another tribal drumbeat without remembering and smiling.

Now it's time to leave, and Sean proclaims the Marquesans his "brothers." He tells us that he could tell their dancing and rituals were authentic, even though he saw them later that week in plain clothes at the Marquesas Tiki Bar and Grille. Sean says that the Marquesans didn't care what order he was voted off in (as long as they got their generous Survivor check) and that "the love they gave us was real." As he hugs Akateeny goodbye, he doesn't know what to say. He tears up, then teaches Akateeny and his friends a new handshake. No one chokes on a hot dog, but the Marquesans spirit themselves away anyway and run back into the Island of Dreams or wherever it is that they came from, while Paschal and Sean clutch at each other and shed tears of joy.

The helicopter returns them to camp, and the other members of Soliantu greet them with happy waves. Sean tells us that he and Paschal missed their "island family" and received a welcome of hugs and kisses when they returned. He thinks the others were happy to see them, but once the sweaty, now rancid stolen food was revealed, "it was on." He compares the others to "roaches around the table" as they go at the food. Then Tammy makes a point of thanking only Paschal for bringing back treats. Actually, she might have thanked Sean too, but if she did, it was cut off by the editing. Sean tells us in a confessional that even though the others might vote him off, there's still a "human side" to the game. He says he was excited to bring them food because "the best victories are the ones you can share." I think $1,000,000 is a pretty awesome victory, though, and he's contractually forbidden from sharing that. Still, this is one of the first teacherly things I've heard Sean say.

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