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Back to School Fail

In her office, which is really dark like every other office on this show, the principal checks out House's ID, sees that it does not give his name as Hourani, and then asks if he's insane or stupid. House wisely decides not to go on the attack, but to instead say he was only thinking about himself and that he's sorry. It turns out that the principal already knows why House is here, as she spoke to the Chairman earlier. House sort of begs her to look past what House did and let Rachel into the school, calling her a "great kid" and Cuddy a "great mom." The principal asks how admitting Rachel would prove to Cuddy that House is unselfish, especially since he's only doing all of this so Cuddy won't be mad at him so he can have sex with her again. House says he had to do something because he "needs" Cuddy in his life. The principal says she knows how that feels, but she also knows that you have to act like an adult if you want to be in an adult relationship. Wise words, but House isn't paying attention to her anymore because the poster on her wall for an upcoming school performance of "The Princess and the Pea" just gave him his Epiphany Face. He quickly excuses himself and takes off. I guess Rachel won't be going to Brye Park after all.

House finally returns to PPTH and his patient, who does not, it turns out, have sarcoidosis. House's final diagnosis is that he accidentally and unknowingly inhaled a tiny piece of food that didn't show up on any of their scans even though House thinks the piece of food is a pea, which I'm pretty sure you can see on a basic X-ray, let alone a CT scan or an MRI (OF DOOOM!!). Also, a teeny tiny piece of food can cause you to cough up an entire lung? Really?

House's next stop is Cuddy's office. She says she's busy, but he walks in anyway. He starts in with the apology, but Cuddy says he may want to say that to the Chairman of the Board first. "A fifth grade career day? You really thought you could pull that off?" she asks. House says he seriously underestimated how hard it would be for him to control himself in a room of children and that he was just trying to show her that he does care about her needs, as well as Rachel's. Cuddy points out that he stole her computer. And put it in the trash. House says he did that because he knew the janitor would know it was Cuddy's and give it back to her. Yeah, because the janitor doesn't need a brand new Macbook Pro or anything. Okay. House admits that he's a moron, but he's a moron who cares and thinks about Cuddy and wants her to be happy. "I was wrong, you were right. I can do better," he promises, asking for another chance. Cuddy asks House what career he claimed to have at career day, figuring he went for either an astronaut or a bullfighter. "I was myself. For the most part," he says. Cuddy is still frowning, so House figures he must have really blown it this time. But then, because the true moron is Cuddy, she invites him over for dinner. He immediately accepts, and shows her the toothbrush he'll be bringing and using while he's there. He doesn't take the trash out on his way out of Cuddy's office, though.

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