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Waiting in the Wings

In Karen's apartment, the art direction of which is so on the nose it's suffocating me (seriously, OF COURSE she has an Into the Woods poster over her couch. She's just waiting for New York to ask her that question), Karen moans to Dev about how Derek is so mean to her, and when he brushes off her concerns, she lets slip a reference to the night at Derek's apartment and her performance of "Happy Birthday, Mister Director," and Dev gets justifiably upset that his girlfriend didn't tell him her boss was sexually harassing her. Which, yeah, but logic like that has no place in the theater, Dev. Call that Lovely Girl! I'm sure she's totally proactive whenever Denby has too many and starts to get handsy over the press releases from the Mayor's Office of Film, TV and Broadcasting.

Eileen is promising investors Manny and Robyn (who, despite being non-pros, are both way better actors than Michael Riedel) that Rebecca will arrive imminently, but they are skittish about their $7 million investment, saying, "Jerry would never have put us in this situation." So Eileen repairs to her favorite $7 martini dive on the LES, and the welcoming booze aura of charming bartender Nick. (Look, I don't presume to tell Theresa Rebeck how to do her job, but all I'm saying is would it kill The Dancers to pull some Coyote Ugly on Nick's bar? After that Gretchen Wilson abomination from episode three, we know this show isn't above a little "Devil Went Down to Georgia.") Eileen confesses her woes while groping her martini glass rather suggestively. And then Nick pulls a pile of cash the size of a phone book out from under the bar and intimates that some of his friends might also be interested in investing. I hope it turns out that all of Nick's friends are minor European royalty or something.

Ivy is lounging on Derek's bed while he marks up his script, so it appears that their relationship has outlasted the role. Huh. Maybe they actually like each other. He complains that he can only work on the one number in the show that doesn't include Marilyn -- Darryl Zanuck holding meetings in a steam room (ha!) -- because Karen is such a scared little rabbit. Well, you keep yelling at her, dude. Ivy urges Derek to take it easy on Karen, reminding him that the only directors who succeeded with Marilyn were the ones who babied her. And once again I'd like to point out that the actresses in this musical are NOT MARILYN and shouldn't be treated as such. Either way, Derek lightens up and reminds us why we love Jack Davenport (it's because of the giggle loop, obviously, and also how cute he is as Commodore Norrington) and begins making out with Ivy.

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