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Waiting in the Wings

At Eileen's office, Ellis is hovering in the doorway. It's been so nice to have so little Ellis this episode! He brings in the research on Randy Cobra, telling Eileen that Randy's loaded and likes to invest. He says he also looked into Nick's background and hands over a dossier. Eileen ices up and cuts him with, "How dare you go delving into the personal lives of my friends?" Ellis argues that Nick's an investor too, but Eileen sends him out and is very nice about not flinging her letter opener through one of his big Bambi eyes.

Back at rehearsal, Karen is engrossed in Arthur Miller declaiming that the ancient Greeks didn't consider the stage a proper place for women -- their place was in the home -- and Derek bellows at Karen for missing a bit of blocking because she was so busy rolling her eyes at Arthur not even being sexist himself, but citing a historical incidence of sexism. Derek brushes her off, but Karen shifts into her Marilyn voice (one thing she is nailing is the strange way Marilyn said the word "crack." It was really distinctive, and she got it), and in the next shot she's in Marilyn drag, and half arguing about the scene with Derek, half arguing as Marilyn with Arthur (or possibly with Billy Wilder). Or Derek has been popping Ivy's steroids.

Eileen returns to Nick's bar for her lunchtime martini. Hey, he got an A from the health department! Good job, Nick. Eileen starts feeling him out about if he's going to expect a piece of the show, and it seems he will. This is going to end litigiously, I think.

At home, Karen is primping in her unmentionables, apparently waiting for Dev. Someone knocks on the door, and she answers with her back to the open door, breathing, "Forgot your key?" No, it's Derek. "Marilyn's coming home with you, I see," he observes as he barges in to tell her that Rebecca will be at rehearsal tomorrow and thank her for her work. Karen finds it odd, as do I, that Derek is telling her this in person. Well, he's also apologizing for his earlier quid pro quo demand. God, he's so cute.

Oh noes. On his way out of the building, Derek passes Dev, who's toting flowers. Dev picks a fight, and the veddy proper boys come to blows in the street, because what this show really needed was some good old-fashioned British boarding school homoeroticism. Actually, it's not sexy at all. They're both predictably terrible at fighting, like Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, only without The Weather Girls. (I think it's obvious that Derek is Wickham.) Karen comes outside to break up the fight. Killjoy. They probably would've ripped each other's shirts in another minute.

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