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Think Unsexy Thoughts

Over on the upper level, KentFan looks around, but is still surprised when she hears, "Enjoying your freedom?" from the doctor. She asks what he's doing there. He says he's checking up on his favorite patient. He takes her hand, and we see a close-up of the lead bracelet. He says it does more than keep her in place. "You lo-jacked me?" she asks. He tells her he has to know where she is so that she doesn't jeopardize her release. And as soon as he saw she was at the ice-skating rink, he knew trouble was afoot, apparently. He brings up Clark. KentFan says that what she does with Clark is her own business. The doctor tells KentFan that her feelings for Clark were what precipitated her "psychotic break." They really love that phrase on Smallville, don't they? "But you said that I was better," she says sheepishly. He suggests more sessions, outside the office. Uh. Oh. He puts a palm to her cheek and says she's such a bright, beautiful girl. I think the doctor wants to make her his McBride. He threatens to send her back to Belle Reve. He advises her to stop seeing Clark before somebody gets hurt.

We know the tension-filled scene is over because some Dido music starts playing. Oh, Dido. You're like a warm chocolate chip cookie to me. I just feel better knowing you're around to keep things sweet and gooey. KentFan comes to the snack area and finds Clark. He smiles at her warmly. He says he thought he'd lost her. She makes light of the situation and says he's not getting rid of her that easily. He hands her hot chocolate. It's cold. "Would you mind?" she asks. Clark looks around. He heats up her cocoa by eyejaculating in it. Ewww! Well, at least she'll never need creamer for her coffee. She thanks him and grins like a little kid. Clark puts an arm around her. He asks what she wants to do next. She wants to go on a drive. Clark asks where. "Ever been to California?" she asks. Clark sarcastically says, sure, let's jump in the truck right now. She bites the rim of her paper cup. Interesting acting choice. Clark asks if she's serious. Tight close-ups. She nods, still biting the cup. Clark says that going to California would be... "Crazy?" she asks. She sighs and says she knows it's nuts, but she just wants to go to a place where nobody knows who she is or what she did. Fair enough. "And I want you to come with me," she says. My heart, folks. It just melted. I really want to like this character. Is that so wrong? Clark looks around and takes his arm back. "I can't," he says. Which is, frankly, complete bullshit, because Clark didn't mind taking a jaunt to Florida when The Flash wanted to go pick up chicks in Miami. Is KentFan not boy enough for you, Clark? And don't give me shit about her not being able to teleport. Clark could carry her and run there in like fifteen seconds. Clark tells her no, pretty much, as much as he'd like it. He asks if everything is all right. She sighs and says she has to go. She leaves, flustered, and tells Clark she'll call him later. Clark looks thoughtful, which is a tiny bit harder than looking blank.

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