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I'm not bitter about any of that, really, because the market is the market. What's interesting to me here has been watching this show turn from one extreme example to -- in just a few episodes -- very much the other, culminating in that jizz-stain of a fanboy handjob. "Cloaks! Ninja swords! Why, I was just pretending my life was actually like that, last Saturday night with all my fellow dateless roleplayer friends! Adult problems, adult marriages, uncomfortable questions of religious faith and ontological possibility past the singularity: Boooooring. This is what a science fiction show should look like! I know, because it looks like every other science fiction show! I'm so glad they finally fixed it."

And the really funny thing about that is that now it's a completely different show, now that they've dumbed it down and sped it up as much as possible -- pushed the way too many female characters to the back as much as possible -- not only is it way more likely to be accused of brilliance, but it stands a hella better shot of getting renewed. They drink the sand, but also, we're conditioned to see continuities where none exist. For some of us, this is the same show because it has the same title and actors. For others of us, it's a haunted house abandoned by the original owners. For most of us, probably somewhere in the middle. And I don't feel too terribly gloom-and-doom about it, despite this bitching today, because if anything is positioned to be in both places at once -- to be brilliant and accessible SF at the same time -- this show's got the pedigree. It's just sad to leave things behind.

It's an old story but a good one: Something beautiful, and soft, and new, became harder and meaner and more brutal, just to survive. That's the story of Caprica, but it's also the story of Caprica. It starts here.

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