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Variance & Violations

It's the most cynical, nasty, wrong-headed thing imaginable. It's also precisely the way we, as a country and a world, do tend to talk of religion: "I offer you a religion that removes the need for faith. A religion of certainty." That's the most hateful possible way to describe both sides of this fake, dumb IRL debate. It's also how Dawkins got rich, because that's what it looks like to a Ravenclaw: Like sheep, praying to Santa Claus. She's not wrong -- they're not wrong -- but she's right on such an adverse, horrific vector that I'd rather see the apocalypse come about. (Luckily...)

The twelve-person Conclave is impressed, but more by her quantity of crazy than anything else. Over on Caprica, Daniel is running late for a very important date with an equally terrible and somewhat related idea. Hello, Guatrau of the Ha'la'tha! You look just a tad bit more like Brando than I was expecting. Anyway, Daniel is meeting the Godfather of the Tauron Mob to talk to them about his crazy person ideas, and Joe Adama is sitting there at the table; seething, but acting professional for once. He manages to get through this whole scene without shouting TAMARA! at least.

Daniel's plan: Use his Ravenclaw powers to defeat Hufflepuff, i.e., use the Matrix to eliminate the need for grief. (The danger is always thinking you're the thing you're not, thinking you can game the thing you're not with the powers you already have. It's why they'll both lose: By trying to overcome the other houses by pretending you already live there, you make it haunted and it will always take you down.) His last ditch, after losing wife and child numerous times, is to get his company back by allying with the Mafia to sell another form of earthbound heaven, where our loved ones never left.

He talks long enough that the Godfather gets a little antsy, and then reveals his concept. Gautrau's a bit peeved, considering they were supposed to be talking about an army of robots, but of course Daniel can't offer those any longer thanks to Vergis, and anyway he's much more excited about the idea of never having to feel bad feelings again. "I can make us both a great deal of money: A cure for human grief." Not mortality, like Clarice, but the pain of being left behind.

"Who hasn't lost someone that they loved? Who wouldn't do anything possible to bring that loved one back? Well, what if all I had to do was to buy the right piece of software? That would recreate them? They'd be in the virtual world, yes, but... But you could visit them every day. Talk to them, spend time with them again, say the things that you'd always wished you'd said. Maybe ultimately we can even find a way to get them bodies in the real world." Maybe ultimately -- once the Final Five show up -- they can even look like Tricia Helfer!

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