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Variance & Violations

"The ultimate drug, to heal the ultimate pain." Even Daniel has got to hear how awfully bad that sounds, but he's long past caring. He brings up the recent death of the Guatrau's son, which makes everybody's nerves jangle, and he nearly gets killed right there, but Gautrau's feeling him. "Now, we can either sit and wail at the gravity of our loss, or we can rise up and redress it. This has unlimited potential on any number of levels, not the least of which is profitability." Gautrau sends everybody out of the room except Joe, who after all has even more anecdotal experience with this than anybody on the show.

On Gemenon, Obal tries to explain to Clarice -- his one-time protege, apparently, before she proved herself totally insane and joined the IRA -- why virtual heaven is gross. She asks why, if being OTG means accepting a heaven built by God, they can't just cut out the middleman, and awesomely he goes, "Well it's tacky, for one thing." Additionally, the entire point of heaven is not going there but knowing that it's there. Dying might well be dying, and heaven sounds pretty boring if it's real, but this is the point of faith: Not being right about the facts, but about something we don't have words for. Clarice is like, "You don't believe in life eternal?" Clarice and metaphor are estranged, but we already knew that. "I believe in being surprised," says Obal.

If we know one thing about this show, it's that whoever is awesomest dies first. Might as well start saying goodbye to Brother Ferras now, because he's clearly not going to last the hour.

"Apotheosis will work! It will unite the Twelve Worlds under One True God!" Not that this is very flattering to the Twelve Worlds, but she might have a point. Obal shakes his head and tries to explain Clarice's central issue. "You're not a religious leader. You are STO. Technically a terrorist." She goes off on this whole Sinn Fein thing about how they're just the Strong Right Arm of the Church, and he's like, "No, you just like blowing things up and using our money to do it. How about you go blow some more shit up, and we'll save some souls while you're off our backs."

Clarice demands a meeting with the Blessed Mother, which get ready for her kind of Papal crazy, and Obal fully laughs in her face. "Sipping tea, with little Clarice Willow?" She gets up in his face and points out the many terrible things she's done in the service of this Church. Well, he can't deny that. Without Clarice, no STO at Athena's Academy: No dead Zoe or dead Ben, no violent terrorism for Lacy, no crazypants Amanda, no evil robots, no Cylons. She's got a point. She just doesn't ever seem to pay the price, which is odd considering how erratic her behavior like constantly is. On the other hand, you can't doubt the strength of her feelings: When the FBI came ripping through the school, it broke her heart. I do believe she loves Lacy, and loved Zoe, and loves Amanda, at least as much as she loves God. I just think she loves Clarice more, in a place she doesn't know about.

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