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Variance & Violations

Joe Adama on Daniel Graystone: "Great wealth. No humility. The idea that that rich people can somehow buy their way out of grieving?" Guatrau's like, yeah but stick to the dude himself. We are an organization that prides itself on networking. Okay: "I don't like him. He believes he's smarter than we are." (The eternal complaint of low self-esteem that can't find its own way out. And they control the media!) "He thinks he can use us and then discard us when we're done solving his problems for him." Okay, but Tamara?

"I've seen what he's talking about. Tamara... After she died, he... Made a version of Tamara that was horrible. She couldn't feel her heartbeat, she was frightened." Okay, wait. Didn't he lose that like whole tech? She blew herself up and was the only working copy? Yes, but this is Daniel, he'll work it out. But Joe's got a good point, hard earned: "That's a good thing, because we need to grieve and move on. It's the Tauron way." Guatrau likes the opposition, likes Joseph: Suddenly, Joe's in charge of the whole enterprise. I think this makes him a made man, and also puts him back in bed with Daniel where they're both happiest. And back in bed with the Ha'la'tha, which is apparently part of taking back his roots: "This is an honor," the Guatrau says. "You've spent enough time straddling two worlds."

Joe sends Daniel home -- desperate, smoking again, babbling about "how we gonna do this" like it's a drug deal -- and tries not to act smug with Sam. Sam's impressed, but Joe tries to stay cool in front of his big brother.

The Blessed Mother, Papess of the deck, is intrigued by Clarice's whole thing, but being very cagey about it. Obal reports that OMG it's total blasphemy, if you didn't get the memo, and tries to explain why Clarice's ass is so scary. "She came to us when she was a child, and she quickly became the brightest star in the STO training camp. She also became a dyed-in-the-wool zealot with delusions of grandeur. Definite messiah complex." She's got the Conclave worked up, with her little PowerPoint, but Mother still seems like she's on Obal's side. He points out that once she gets control of the STO cells, she'll probably end humanity: Maybe better to kill her now, before it happens?

"Lord save me from the Capricans," Mother laughs, and you know exactly what she means. Her breathing is labored; she sits awkwardly and stands painfully. (She's not long, I think, for this world. She gave her body to God a long time ago, and he's not returning the favor. I think she's looking heaven in the face, and wondering if it's real at all. We say we want to be surprised, but the thing about death is that it's always a surprise. She's closer than most; a dying leader, if you will. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so. She breathes louder than Tony Soprano and that's not something that just happens.) Obal kisses her ring and, at Mother's request, leaves the holoband behind. He's been given permission to kill Sister Willow, but Mother's not quite done deliberating.

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