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Now, Jeff goes to Sarge to ask about his experience, and ask what he took away from it. Sarge says he has "a new outlook on civilians." Namely, that they don't take orders very well. Yeah, we're funny that way. "I learned that someone can say no," Sarge says. He also makes some weird-ass, dismissive comment about people who "have no idea about their future" and "live day-to-day," whose occupations are "reality game star." Okay, I call a foul on that one. You can't really look down on the famewhores when you are one. God. Sarge is one of those people whose entire view of himself and way of presenting himself on the show completely falls apart when you merely take into account the fact know, he applied to be on Survivor. Jeff points out that Rory is pointing at John K. during this "pathetic reality people" speech, and Sarge says yes, John K. was broke at the beginning of the game, and admitted it. Anyway, Sarge claims that he learned that he needs to be more "diversified," because there are people in the world who are different from him. "Diversified"? That's awesome. Because it's a word, but not like that. He's saying "diversified" the same way you would say that you needed to get "funkified." Thank you for that, Sarge. Oh, and in two years, he'll be a civilian. I hate to bring down the mood, dude, but...don't count on it.

Jeff promises that after the break, we will talk to Chad. CHAD!

When we come back, we revisit the moment when Chad revealed his prosthetic leg to the guys. And then we look at Chad smiling, and...I'm not a fan of him bald. I think he would be cuter with hair. But still, cute. Jeff reminds Chad that when he was cast, they told him that he would have a rough go convincing the rest of his tribe that his leg wasn't a weakness for them to worry about. (They didn't realize that it would be the year in which the strong would be specifically eliminated first, of course.) And Jeff thinks that it seems like maybe he did a little bit too good a job with the convincing. Heh. Chad agrees. He says that he did want to demonstrate what he could do, but once it had become a total non-issue, he found that he sometimes wanted to bring it up again, "like, hey, this is kind of impressive." Hee. But of course, he didn't, because he's not an asshole, which is why he looks so confused and out of place on the stage. Jeff tells Chad that frankly, he's as "physically agile" as almost anyone who's ever played the game. And everyone claps, because (a) it's true; and (b) you have to. Jeff asks him whether the reasons he wanted to do the show were connected to his leg. "I've wanted to do Survivor for years," he says with a smile. "My wife wouldn't hear of it at one point when we had the kids" and then I don't hear the rest of it, because my soul is screaming, "WIFE? KIDS?" everyone married? Whatever. I'm going to cry. Anyway, he says that he knew that his leg would be a good hook (ew, not like that), and he also thought it would be a good way to show off just how awesome a guy with a WonderLeg 3000 can really be. And everyone claps, because (a) the WonderLeg 3000 is awesome; and (b) you still have to.

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