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Jeff then asks Scout about how gimpy she was, especially late in the game, and she explains that when she got home, she learned that her artificial knee didn't fit, so she needed a new one. Oh, I hate when that happens. I had to do that with my career once. Scout goes on to say that she has a new knee now, and given her disadvantages, she thinks she did all right. She praises herself for "propping [her]self up" and so forth. Jeff also asks about the reaction in Scout's hometown, because she and Annie weren't entirely "out" before. And...I suspect it's one of those things where if you weren't deaf and blind and trying really hard not to know, you'd know. Because when the two old ladies live together on the ranch for years and years and years and hold hands at the movies, you can catch the snap, even if you're from middle America. Scout says, happily, that everybody has been really nice. Even a big muscle-bound dude they met at the gym. Hee. She thanks everyone for being so nice. Thus concludes the part of today's show, and indeed the part of my life, where I like Scout.

And now, it is time for the whirlwind tour of the Land of the Bottom-Feeders. Jeff talks to Brook about being the "most frustrated first-voted-out" because he's a huge fan of the show. Brook says that this is true. Looking a lot pudgier than he did on the show, Brook says that he really did want to play the whole thirty-nine days, and got screwed by "the Fat Five." So that's...apparently...Sarge, Bubba, Chris, Rory, and...Chad? Is Chad fat? Okay. But anyway, Brook loved his three days, and no one can take them away. And they can't take away his 20% discount on Survivor merchandise at the CBS store. Everybody's getting a buff for Christmas. And Brook would like the show to know that he'll be waiting if they ever want to invite him back. Because if there's one thing this season made people exclaim in unison, it's "More of that one guy who got voted off first, whatever his name was!" Jeff starts to talk to Dolly, but Bubba jumps in all, "We are not fat. Anymore." So there's that. Jeff praises him for having "kept the weight off." Way to keep your eye on the ball, Jeff. Bubba says that he thinks they're all winners, because they took home a greater appreciation of family and friends. didn't appreciate them before? Until Survivor? I'm sure they're touched. But everyone claps, especially Ami, because Ami loves everyone. Ami is Mother Earth. Ami is the true meaning of Christmas.

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