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Jeff turns to Julie. "He pays you back," Jeff says, "by putting his arm around you, stroking your hair, and then cutting your throat." Julie nods sadly. "Stroking your hair"? Whatever, No-thario. Jeff then expresses some shock at the fact that Julie voted for Chris anyway. "Because he played me so hard," she says. "I wasn't going to vote out of spite." Jeff congratulates Julie for being "able to separate personal feelings at that moment and still look and say, 'He did play me.'" Julie agrees, because she also thinks she's awesome. know, speaking of separating personal feelings, I'm not saying that Jeff was obligated to tell anyone that he was dating Julie before the reunion aired, but two things strike me. First of all, he loves to embarrass people by going after their personal lives and trying to keep them from having any privacy whatsoever, so I'm not sure his life should have been set up as off-limits, which it obviously was, or someone would have mentioned it. And second of all, if Julie is his girlfriend now, to the point where he's making "this person is the love of my life" statements, can he interview her with any detachment whatsoever? Not to go all professional-obligations about reality-show production, but I kind of feel like Jeff's role at the reunion is largely to call out bullshit, and it's not like he's going to do that when they're a couple. It's just...he doesn't have to not have favorites, but I'm not sure he should be practically engaged to somebody and not even disclose it, because we're kind of sitting through a faked-up dynamic in which he knows her from the show, like he does anyone else. It would be one thing if he had done it in a way that made him seem capable of putting those feelings aside, but...he didn't. Which we'll get back to.

Jeff now turns to Eliza and tells her it's "basically the same story," and she nods in agreement. Chris played her, lied to her, and she still voted for him. And Jeff -- who is not setting the world on fire with his insightful analysis of the season thus far -- does at least have the perceptiveness to ask Eliza whether she voted "for Chris or against Twila." Eliza admits that her vote was a combination of both, but that a lot of it was indeed against Twila. She repeats her accusations from the season that Twila treated her disrespectfully, even though she claims that over time, she has "grown to love Twila" (in the "can look upon her without spitting" sense), and no longer has hard feelings. Lie! "But at the time," Eliza says with that self-satisfied little tightly smiling face, "I was furious with her." She wants you to understand, in case you thought "deceptive, lying bitch" was a compliment. (The way it would be from, you know, me.)

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