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Jeff now asks Scout whether she voted for Ami as a result of the women's alliance, and she says that she did have an alliance with Twila that she stuck with all the way. "When the final vote came down, I couldn't give a million dollars for that much bullshit," Scout grins, because it's adorable to be the old dirty lady, and also because she's sure she's the one person who saw through Chris. As I have explained before, I simply think Scout bought the version of Chris that he sold her, much as everyone else did, so she assumed he was lying to Julie and Eliza about feeling bad about screwing them. It has never occurred to her that perhaps he was lying to her. That's why I think she ain't nearly as smart as she thinks she is. But everybody thinks old people swearing are adorable, so everyone applauds. And Twila hugs Scout in this conspicuous way, like she's been in so much pain until this very moment when Chris's skullduggery was just skeeves me out, this moral superiority routine that Scout is running.

Jeff turns to Sarge -- who has his hair buzzed in such a way that he looks even more bullet-headed than usual -- and asks him whether he was determined to vote for a man from the beginning, or whether his vote was against Twila. Sarge insists that "it was never a man-woman thing." He goes on to say, "What I looked at it is, I would never surround myself with a person that has no values." He goes on to praise the values-driven way in which he lives his life, reaching nearly Lex-ian levels of self-congratulation, and explaining that if a person is not as good and decent and moral as Sarge is, then he won't reward that person. He clarifies that his issue with Twila -- and specifically his vote -- wasn't about the endgame, and wasn't about what happened with her son. It was about the part where she flipped alliances. So Sarge, you see, decided that Twila had "no values" based purely on game play. Sarge isn't even claiming, as Lex did, that it was about the betrayal of a friendship outside the game. Just purely making an alliance inside the game and breaking it? That was a sign that she has "no values." If she had broken her alliance to the women, that would have meant she was going to heaven. Because the angels are always on the side of you getting stacks and stacks of cash, aren't they, Sarge?

Jeff moves on to challenge Sarge about why, if that's the case, he made such a huge deal about the thing with Twila's son -- especially when Sarge wasn't even there, hadn't had a chance to talk to her about it, and was going solely on what other people said. Sarge insists that, at the final tribal council, that was "anger," but now, he's had a chance to rethink it. What's ridiculous about that is that he voted then, not now. He can't "rethink" what the basis of his vote was, really. The basis of your vote is what it is when you make it, regardless of what you think later. It's a little hard to believe that Sarge didn't consider Twila's son's being cast into hell when he voted, given that he had berated her to the point of tears about it a few minutes before he voted. It doesn't make any sense. Sarge has no good answer to what Jeff is asking him, really, so he accidentally tells the truth by saying that in the end, it came down to who he "would want." You know, as the winner. See? Wasn't that easy?

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