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Chad is asked about his vote. You can tell this is going to be really boring, because when you don't focus on who's going to be cast into hell, you're much less interesting television. He says that it was about "the big picture," clarifying calmly that he had nothing against Twila personally. He claims that Chris has played the best out of anyone in any season. It's hard for me to agree or disagree, because Chris played a cast of dopes, but I do agree that he played well. So Chad voted on that basis? Well, that's boring. Where's the drama, CHAD?

Jeff returns to the women's alliance, and he says that the women all got together and formed an alliance, and that, at the beginning, it went well, getting them to 7-3 at the merge. And they got a woman into the final two, and there were five women on the jury, but a guy won. Jeff is totally baffled, which he shouldn't be, but he sort of knocks the women around about apparently abandoning the principle that they should vote for the person with the right chromosomes in favor of "a guy who lied to every woman here." "Why is it so hard to keep a women's alliance together?" he asks. Which is such an irritating and asshole-ish question, I cannot tell you. Come on, Jeff! It isn't hard to keep a women's alliance together! It's hard to keep a six-person alliance together! When has a six-person alliance ever lasted as long as this one did? A six-person alliance cannot possibly have any function except to get you down to the last six, because at that time, it has to break. They got down to the last seven! That's pretty damn good. And if there is any indication of how a final six alliance is going to break at the final six, it's going to break before that, because nobody is willingly going to go into the final six in a way that's going to keep them out of the final four, or the final two. This is just such a stupid, insulting line of questioning, because it doesn't say anything about women's alliances. Their alliance worked very well, which is what Jeff should be concentrating on, and it collapsed when it had lasted almost as long as it possible could and its leaders made some strategic mistakes late in the game. Furthermore, none of these women were ever in this alliance in order to get a woman winner, because there have been plenty of women who have won. Going into this season, there had been five women who had won Survivor and three men. Nobody needed a women's alliance in order for a woman to win; that wasn't the purpose. The purpose was for these particular women to benefit themselves and increase their own odds of winning by pushing themselves closer to the end -- which they did. The fact that they voted for a guy in F2 has nothing to do with anything, because the generic concept of getting a victory for a woman was never the purpose of the alliance, so it didn't fail in that regard. Bleh. Shut up, Jeff.

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