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Anyway, Julie talks about how she's "just figuring this out," this part about how maybe Chris has no feelings. Chris assures Julie that he has feelings, but before he can respond to this any further, Jeff cuts him off -- far be it from Jeff to let Chris counter any of the bullshit Jeff is spewing -- and goes to commercial. Because who cares about hearing the winner discuss the role that emotion did or didn't play in his game when instead you can listen to Leann discuss her hurt feelings? Of course, Jeff doesn't leave before promising that we're going to talk when we return about the always scintillating matter of Twila swearing on her son when it turned out that she was lying. Because in case you haven't heard, that happened. "Has anybody forgiven her?" Jeff asks. "We will find out." I often like Jeff, but damn, this is not a good performance from him.

When we come back, we watch again as Twila swears to Ami and Leann that she will be true to them. Back on the finale stage, Jeff asks Twila again whether she regrets doing it, even though she has said repeatedly already that she does. Apparently, Jeff will not be satisfied until Twila opens a vein, pours out her own blood, and writes "I am sorry" on the stage a hundred times. Twila repeats that she regretted it from the start, and explains that, as the game progressed, she realized that she and Julie were going to wind up fighting for third, only to get knocked off by Ami and Leann and excluded from F2. And she's exactly right. And she goes on to say that she expected at that time to remain true to Ami and Leann because she didn't think she'd have any opportunity to make anything turn out differently, and she figured she was stuck with the ending she predicted, which was coming in third or fourth. It was only when she saw the opening that came along when they decided to go after Eliza instead of Chris that she changed her tune.

Jeff asks Ami -- with whom he is weirdly obsessed, considering that she came in sixth, for God's sake -- why there was such a reaction to that lie in a game where lying is part of the game. "And Chris lied so many more times to everybody," he says, even though Ami voted for Twila, so shut up, Jeff! Ami plays her "I was just disappointed" card, not that Jeff calls her on it, by saying that she "didn't expect anything from Chris." She also goes on to play her My Family Tragedy card by mentioning her brother. Ami apparently has information that no one else, especially Twila, has ever lost a family member, and therefore everyone is required to accept her uniquely informed judgment on this point.

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