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Now, Jeff asks Eliza about her differences with Twila, and asks about the fact that "Twila can't not be Twila." He wonders, did Eliza look at that and start to understand Twila a little bit more? Eliza hesitates, and finally says, "A little bit." But really, the hate is still strong in Eliza. She says that she had in fact begun to believe that she was over it, only to watch the last couple of episodes in which Twila was so bitchy and mean about the bananas and some other stuff, and that brought it all back. So clearly, Eliza? Still mad. And then Jeff goes back to Ami, yet again, asking her about her "change of heart" about Twila. So now, Ami gets to talk more about what a wonderful and warm person she is for reaching this point of understanding, and this entire thing utterly makes me want to throw up. Leann says she doesn't think Twila sucks anyway; she just had her feelings hurt, and she voted for Chris because he played well, not because she thought Twila sucked. She talks about getting "caught up" in what she believed was a real friendship with Twila, and...dude. Shut up. If you had a real friendship, then you can still have one, because it's not. About. Voting. If it's about voting, then it's not a real friendship. Boston Rob said it once, and it's still true. But Leann declares herself "willing" to put aside her hurt feelings, blah dee blah. Big of her.

Jeff now moves on to Sarge, giving him a firm (and, in this case, appropriate) "you suck, man" look before saying that clearly, what Sarge said at the final tribal council -- you know, about Twila's having cast her son into hell -- was very upsetting to Twila. "She asked for your forgiveness," Jeff says, "and so far, it doesn't seem like there's any chance that's happening." Sarge says that on the contrary, he had "a change of heart" and has already told Twila that he's forgiven her for this basically meaningless sin that has nothing to do with his ethical-hospital-corners-obsessed ass anyway. And then he says, "Who am I to judge anybody?," and everyone claps. Because, yay for trying to save your reputation, you judgmental dick! Of course, Sarge ruins it anyway, because Scout says, "Yeah, woo!" and applauds, and Sarge realizes that it might look like he was admitting Scout was right, and you certainly can't have that. So he sort of spits, "I wasn't talking to you anyway, Scout." Yeah. He doesn't judge anyone, except people who clap when he thinks they shouldn't. Sarge says that Twila is a good person, and that he bonded with her, and he knows how hard she works, so he respects her and they're "true friends." Jeff says that's good. Bleh.

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