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The Foster Parent Trap

As if by telepathy, at Grayson Manor Conrad is mid-conversation with Victoria about Daniel's penchant for confiding too much in the girls he dates. Grudgingly, Victoria agrees that it would be bad if Dan revealed recent events to Ems, but she also thinks Emanda could be a good enough diversion to keep him relatively quiet. Ashley intercepts Conrad to tell him his polling numbers suck. That shouldn't surprise anyone, nor should it be surprising that people seemed to like him better right after the seemingly vulnerable press conference for Amily's death. Eli enters the dining area to hijack the conversation because he has some thoughts on how he can further both their causes. Just after he finished that thought, Ems walks in. Victoria protests as best as she can about this being a private meeting in her usual way of trying to box Ems out, but she just wasn't informed that Eli invited Emanda. Womp womp. Ems shoots Victoria a grin before sitting down to hear Eli's plan to support his former foster mother through the Amanda Clarke Foundation. The Graysons are easily sold on the idea because it will look great for both Conrad's campaign and the foundation. Conrad tells Eli to run with the idea, so he's off to go see Ms. Hayward. Seeing an opportunity, Emanda asks to go with him so she can see where Amanda Clarke grew up. Eli's cool with it. That was easy.

At his office at Nolcorp, Nolan types away at his keyboard in his Carrion terminal. He's surprised to see Padma, who's supposed to be in hiding. Her father's still alive, she says urgently, before handing over a flash drive. Nolan plugs it in and queues up a video of her father in custody. He's unkempt with a beard and dirty shirt, but most importantly, he's got today's newspaper. He implores Padma to meet him tomorrow at noon with Carrion and nobody/nothing else or they will both be killed. Nolan asks for the flash drive with Carrion on it from Padma's safe deposit box so he can make some adjustments to the drive itself. He promises her he won't let anything happen to her. That always turns out well.

Ems and Eli come bursting through the backdoor curtains at Casa Emily like they've probably been arguing the whole way there. Emanda asks what his endgame is, not buying that he is just looking out for the interests of the foundation. Eli: "You act like you don't remember what that bitch did to us." FLASHBACK: Meredith leads a screaming Amanda by the ear to a big metal door that leads to what looks like a coal bin. She shuts Amanda in there. /FLASHBACK. Ems remembers just fine, but something she doesn't remember is that Meredith had a stash of letters from David Clarke addressed to Emanda. Eli pulls one out from his coat pocket, and hands it over. He only managed to get his hands on one letter, but he wants to help Emanda get the rest of them because he once promised to look after her. Eli's going to do this with or without her help. Emanda: "Fine. But we do it my way."

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