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The Foster Parent Trap

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At the safe haven house, Ems questions Nolan for never telling her about her father's letters. He says that there wasn't anything in them that wasn't in the journals David left for her when he didn't get responses from the letters. Still, Emanda thinks that just knowing her father was reaching out to her could've changed the course of events. It's just one of those things where you can't ever be sure what might've been. Maybe Ems would've never gone to Japan to train for an unforgiving life of cold, hard revenge devoid of love and the things we all take for granted. Maybe. Nolan's a little perturbed that Emanda's about to leave with Eli to go see Meredith when they have the Carrion/Padma's father crisis on their hands. There's not much she can do really, but leave Nolan in the capable, British hands of Aiden and leave with the promise that she'll be there when the time comes.

Aiden's busy on a laptop when Nolan brings over Carrion, which is in a flash drive shaped like a tortoise (naturally). The head of the tortoise has a tracking device in it, and Aiden regards this as less than cute and unnecessary since he has already scoped out a rooftop vantage point of where the exchange is supposed to go down. He thinks he'll easily be able to take out the Initiative's guys. Nolan: "The plan is to... shoot people?" Aiden: "Not people, Nolan. Terrorists." That's just going to lead to more danger for Padma and her father, Nolan thinks, but the truth of the matter, which hasn't been revealed to Nolan is that Padma is going to have to disappear. Aiden actually very gracefully and empathetically breaks the bad news to Nolan. "Emily has already found their new identities and a location. I'm sorry, Nolan, but the only way to save Padma is to, um... let her go." But if you set her free and she comes back to you, it's meant to be.

At the Stowaway, Dec comes home from school to find Jack asleep in a rocking chair because he's not already boring enough. There are papers scattered on the floor in front of Jack since he's been tirelessly searching for Kenny Ryan with no luck. Jack's very frustrated, but Declan has an idea. Before he can share it, Ems knocks on the bedroom door. Dec excuses himself to go back to class, giving his brother privacy. Jack hasn't been answering or returning Ems' phone calls, so she assumes he's been consumed with going after Conrad. He brushes off the notion and puts on his smarmy fake face to try and convince Emanda that he's focused right now on the baby. It's hard to tell if Ems is buying it, but I doubt it. She still commends Jack on making the right choice. It's what Amanda would've wanted, she says, apart from probably flavored ChapStick or something equally tacky.

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