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The Foster Parent Trap

Emanda meets Daniel for lunch at a small, dark restaurant. He's entirely grateful for her coming to see him, and tells her how much it means to him to be able to confide in her again. A nice little touch here: Ems is interrupted while asking if Daniel has found a solution to his problem by a waiter bringing him another drink. Dan breaks the news to Emanda that the Initiative is setting up Aiden as their fall guy because of his new position on the board, but he assures her he won't let them target her. Emanda has to excuse herself because her phone rings. Cut to Aiden and Nolan scrambling as Aiden reports to Emanda that the time for the exchange with the Initiative has changed. There's no way now that Emanda can make it in time. Nolan and Aiden have no choice but to execute the plan on their own.

Up on the rooftop looking down on the alley where the meeting is to take place, Aiden has Padma in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle. He asks Nolan, who's trying to set up audio surveillance, to quit breathing so hard. Nolan's sorry that he can't calm down when he's about to be involved in killing people. Aiden doesn't see the problem since Nolan won't be pulling the trigger, and they will be clean shots that will only be taken when they make contact with Padma's father. A black SUV rolls up to where Padma is standing in the alley. Trask gets out and demands Carrion. Without asking to see her father first, she hands it over. Trask walks to the back of the SUV and hands it to someone in the backseat to authenticate it, the whole time his head in Aiden's crosshairs. When Trask gets a gloved thumbs up on the authentication, Padma runs over to demand her father's release. Trask beckons her to the rear of the SUV. At this point, both Aiden and Nolan lose visual/audio on what's happening except for Padma screaming. Aiden gets one last good look at a clean shot on Trask, but Nolan stops him from taking it because Padma's father isn't there. The SUV drives off with Padma. Nolan: "What have we done?"


Trask flips the fluorescent lights of a nondescript room with a video camera set up in the center on a tripod. Padma stands in the doorway, looking on, and has to see where this is going. Is the Initiative just a kidnappers-for-hire business? Isn't that kind of a brilliant racket? You kidnap one family member, then kidnap another when they come to pay the random, rinse and repeat. Padma asks to see her father. Trask points her to a nearby door. She runs over to it and can hear her father, but the door's locked. Trask will let her see him, but only after she takes a seat in front of the camera. We cut to the viewfinder of the camera recording a video of Padma that looks almost exactly like her father's random video. If the Initiative is smart, they'll use Padma to get Nolan so he can complete Carrion, but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if the inefficient Initiative demands Declan so they can complete their grease particle cannon.

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