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The Foster Parent Trap

Out on the prep school campus, Kenny sits around waiting to meet Trey. He's so startled when Jack shows up that he stands right up like he's about to run, but Jack looks so determined he doesn't even try. Jack: "Don't tempt me. You and I are gonna talk now."

Stowaway. Setup is almost finished for the press conference when Charlotte walks in with Eli and Declan. She's really excited for this. Eli excuses himself to go great someone he recognizes, which leads us across the scene and passes us off to Conrad and Victoria. They're even surprised by the great turnout to the event. Conrad hopes it'll lead them to the governor's mansion.

Jack's in midinterrogation at the school campus, insisting that Kenny is lying about being the one who rescued him because he has physical proof that he owns that boat. Kenny responds with just as much conviction that he doesn't own any boat. He figures it must've been Conrad who was behind all of this. Why would Kenny be involved in his own brother's death? Jack appeals to Kenny's original desire for vengeance and relates it to his own quest for vindication about Amily. That's enough to get Kenny to reveal that Nate was keeping audio recordings of all the meetings he had with Conrad. Jack demands to hear them.

Press conference. Victoria outlines the issue with underfunding for foster care programs to the room. She goes on to announce the foundation's maiden outreach and introduces Eli. His speech begins, "From 1996 to 1999, I lived at Ms. Hayward's house with several other children including Amanda Clarke. Those were the darkest days of my life." A murmur shifts through the room. Eli details all of the abuse -- being denied food, water and being stuffed in the coal bin. During all of this, Meredith keeps a plastic smile on her face and denies it all. Then, Eli introduces the other faces of Hayward House. About a dozen people around Eli's age stand up in the crowd, bearing the same psychological scars as Eli. Meredith reaches her boiling point, snatching the microphone to turn the spotlight around on Eli. She goads him to tell the story of how he framed Amanda for burning down the house. Emanda, who's been watching from the back of the room, winces with pain. FLASHBACK: Eli lights a match and tosses it to the floor, causing flames to ignite. /FLASHBACK. Meredith: "I should've let you burn." She walks away, leaving Eli a bit shell-shocked with Emanda staring back at him from the crowd.


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