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The Foster Parent Trap

In the dark of Casa Emily, Nolan timidly enters the front door and finds an equally withdrawn Emanda. Before he can say anything, she explains that she would've been there if she could've been, but Nolan brushes that off since the Initiative would've been a step ahead of them anyway. Nolan's freaking out, so Ems tries to bring him back down to earth. She tells him that he just needs to get on his computer and start decrypting the text message he received, and when they track them down, they will save Padma and make them pay. Emanda's phone rings with a call from Eli that she plans to ignore, but Nolan tells her to answer it. He has work to do. Ems answer the phone less than friendly, but quickly changes her tone when she hears Meredith's cries in the background to be let out of the coal bin. Eli tells Ems that he's doing what he promised. He's going to get those letters back.


Casa Emily. Ems has the infinity x infinity box out and her big, red marker. She marks an "X" on the face of Meredith in a photo of her, Amanda and Eli. Does it still count as a takedown if someone else did most of the work? There's a knock at the door. Emanda steps out on the porch to greet Eli. He has a letter of confession from Meredith because she sold off David's letters to someone years ago. Eli asks if he's forgiven, but Emanda stops short of absolving him. She does thank him before he leaves, though.

Jack enters Conrad's office at Grayson Manor. After Conrad shoos off Ashley, Jack accepts Conrad's "Joe the Plumber" offer with a big, fake grin. Conrad couldn't be happier. But the real winner... is America.

Aiden checks in on Nolan at his office at Nolcorp. Nolan's feverishly hacking away to find out what he can about that text message. It was spoofed through a computer rather than a phone and bounced through a few SMS servers, but Nolan was able to trace Falcon's signature in it. This proves Falcon is now working for the Initiative rather than just the Graysons. That's bad news for Nolan. It means that the people holding his girlfriend captive are protected by the one man on the planet who can maybe outcode him. This is gonna be some Tron shit.

At Grayson Global, Daniel tries calling Ems, but gets her voicemail. He starts leaving a message for Mr. Taylor, but gets interrupted by Grace with an urgent package. It's a manila envelope with a photo inside of him and Ems at their 'secret' lunch meeting. Two bullets accompany the photo. Cut to Victoria closing her jewelry case, which has a box of bullets in it with two missing. That's good parenting.

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