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The Marshall Mouthers Episode

Lair of the Lexy. Dropkick says that she and Lex have to have a talk. "Is this a closet-space issue?" he asks without even looking up from his paperwork. Okay, that's kind of assy. "Because I could use the walk-in across the hall," he finishes. Dropkick brings up the master key and the room it won't open. "You've been exploring," Lex says, suppressing a giggle. Hey, nice red shirt, Lex. Although it kind of blends with the polished wood and the red light coming in from the window. You look a bit like a sexy bald lobster, and you bring new meaning to "seafood buffet." Dropkick says that the mystery room thing is bothering her. Lex gets up and says there's nothing of consequence in the room. She asks why it's locked. He says that everyone needs a place where he can be alone. He says it's a place for him to hear his own thoughts. We're going to find out what kind of naughty thoughts those are later. He says Dropkick's welcome to make her own space anywhere else in the mansion. Dropkick ain't having it. She says she doesn't want a roommate, she wants someone to share her life with. She tells Lex to figure out what kind of relationship he wants; theirs can't have any locked doors. We get the pool table in the frame with a set of balls waiting to be broken.

Clark's barn. Chloe and Pete are waiting for him as he comes in. Chloe says that Marshall escaped from the hospital. Chloe shows Clark a "Missing" poster. It's of a couple and a blondish child who disappeared the day of the meteor shower. Chloe says their farm was vaporized, but that they were never found. Aren't vaporized remains unfindable? Pete says that a child that age would be too young to remember what happened. Oh, really? Lana seems to remember her parents being smushed just fine. Chloe says that a couple half a mile away took in a child. And nobody made that connection before? Chloe says that Marshall isn't an alien. He's just a really fucked-up orphan. Close-up of young Marshall Mouthers from the poster.

The new Sprint PCS Interstellar-to-Interstellar network. Go to Venus without even getting charged for roaming. Marshall's Tower of Power lights up. It sure is big. No wonder Clark was so interested. Marshall is holding his communications ball. A truck drives up to the structure. Those damn bullies! They ruin everything! Marshall starts to shimmy up the tower. Evil Breckin asks where "Firestarter" is going. He says the thing is gonna come down. The bullies decide to teach a lesson in their very uneducational way. They attach chains -- something they seem to have a lot of -- to the unwieldy structure. Marshall goes and stands in what I guess is the control deck of the fool contraption, way up at the top. He attaches his ball to the top and twists it in, like a lightbulb. It glows nicely. Electricity starts to flow through the tower. Evil Breckin attaches a chain to the front of the red truck. Can you feel the intense suspense?

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