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The Marshall Mouthers Episode

A door is unlocked. Some gear is turned on, and a bunch of flat-panel screens light up in a room filled with them. Blueprints, profiles, cave symbols. It's all here. "What is this?" Dropkick asks. Lex says that some dead smart guy said, "Obsession was the wellspring of genius and madness." So all those forum posters are either geniuses or mad? I should probably shut up right here. "This is my obsession," Lex says, which is not the kind of thing you say on a first date, but that you spring on someone once all her stuff is moved in. Lex acknowledges the squick factor. He says he knows he might seem a little eccentric. Dropkick looks around. There's a wireframe animation of Lex hitting Clark in that Porsche from the pilot. Dropkick looks around some more as Lex looks nervous. On screen is Clark's Happy Meal placemat family tree. Next to it are Kent photos. Dropkick notices a huge, brooding picture of Clark. Oh man, this is a huge electronic shrine to Clark! Lex is just like all the fans! "There's a lot here about the Kents," Dropkick says. Uh, one of them, at least. "They're an interesting family," Lex says. He smiles. "Don't you think?" Dropkick sort of Mona Lisa smiles, but doesn't answer. Lex is obsessed with the farmboy. Tell us something we didn't know after the first episode.

The opening piano strains of a song I happen to like by David Gray, "The Other Side," is playing as a transition into the next scene. We pan across the Kent farm and over to the barn. Clark is up in the loft, all alone. Or is he? Lana walks up behind him. I'm not even going to talk about what fur-lined thing she's wearing or how many times we've had to end an episode with Clark and Lana staring out that damn window even when the episode has nothing to do with their relationship. ARRRRRRGHHH! Good thing there's no law against sharing medical information about a horse; Lana does just that. Her horse has been permanently Shazamed. He's like a colt again. Clark is glad some good came out of it. Lana says that Marshall seemed really lonely. Clark asks what would have happened if Marshall really was an alien. In the previews, they made it look like some sort of freaky love triangle and painted it like Clark was jealous. Lana's just confused by the question. She says she'd be a little freaked out, even while trying to keep an open mind. Go for Chloe, Clark! She's down with interspecies sex! Lana asks if that makes her a bad person. Clark lies and says it doesn't. He says it just makes her honest. And bad. A shooting star sails across the night sky. "Think it's a spaceship?" Lana asks. Dumb-ass. Clark says it's just a shooting star. David Gray croons, "Meet me on the other side," as Clark stares at Lana and then we pull back out of the barn and pan over to the moon and the stars. See you guys on the other side of this episode.

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