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The Marshall Mouthers Episode

Kent Farm. Clark is still doing chores, for some reason, as Chloe pulls up in her sporty red convertible. She has this car because her dad must be doing amazingly well financially all of a sudden. Chloe teasingly tells Clark that she knows his secret. She heard about the horse boarding at Clark's house. "Oh yeah, that," Clark says. Chloe says Clark made Lana's year. Clark says he knows the horse is important to Lana and didn't want to see another part of her past taken away. Maybe that would help her move into the present, don'tcha think? Clark is wearing a solid red shirt with a blue shirt poking from underneath at the collar. Chloe says Lana will be at the farm every day, just like old times. Clark takes on that "Quit Fucking With Me, Chloe" tone and says there's nothing romantic about "mucking out" horse stalls. Yeah, you have to get in there with the muckety muck. It mucking sucks. Clark says he heard that the electronics lab is still closed. Chloe says that the fire marshal is investigating the pyrotechnics. Chloe says Principal Asskick suspended Marshall Mouthers and took away his class project. Clark asks Chloe -- who is still wearing the same shirt from the first scene (is it the same day?) -- what she thinks happened. Chloe says it may have been a trick, or Marshall could be an alien. Chloe reveals that, back in Marshall's old junior high in Grandville, he told people he was an alien. Clark asks if Marshall did anything "super." Clunk! Chloe says not really, except he'd run away a lot and one time was in a field naked pointing to the sky waiting for aliens to take him home. So, pretty normal then. She says that incident put the kid in a mental institution. Clark asks if Chloe really thinks he's an alien. "No..." she says, "but wouldn't it be awesome if he was, though?" Clark says it'd be a good story. Chloe elaborates on how amazing it would be to be from another planet. Sigh. Clark asks if Chloe wouldn't be freaked out. She says that, compared to most people, aliens would be a step up. Clark smiles weirdly at that.

Somebody's walking through some grass, and there's a bunch of very thick cables snaking along. It looks like the back of my living-room receiver. (Except for the grass.) Clark walks up to a very dilapidated-looking shack. Two small dish receivers are up on the roof. A ton of wiring and thick cables lead in through a window. It's a lot of work, but HDTV is worth all the ugly wires. Clark is the person snooping around the structure, and he tries to find a front door or a friendly "Howdy Neighbor!" doormat. When he turns around, he finds a pissed-off-looking Marshall Mouthers instead. Marshall's wearing his big-ass headphones and looks like a character from "Jet Set Radio Future." Marshall asks Clark what he's doing there. Clark says he heard about the suspension and wanted to make sure Marshall's doing all right. Clark is suddenly Principal Asskick's conscience. Marshall says that high school is irrelevant and this gives him more time to focus on his "work." Usually, when people say they're focusing all their time on their "work," it just means they're masturbating a lot more. Clark asks about Marshall's parents. Marshall says they're of the foster variety, and don't bother him if they get their monthly check. Marshall gets impatient and starts unlocking a door to get inside. Clark says he heard on the street (and by "street" I mean "Chloe") about Marshall's alien history. Is it true he once had sex with a Glarnac from Pocnard VI? Clark says he has an open mind. Marshall asks if showing Clark his "other" special powers would "appease" him. More on this later, but there's a lot of baiting and switching going on in this episode. After a pregnant pause, Marshall starts to close the door, but Clark stops him. Marshall doesn't want to be ridiculed. Clark says he just wants the truth. Clark promises not to tell anyone. Marshall must watch a lot of X-Files, because the seeking-the-truth thing works on him.

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