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The Marshall Mouthers Episode

Stately Luthor Manor. Dropkick must be a really good doctor, because all of a sudden I feel a lot better. She's looking around a hallway, past stained-glass windows and forbidding doors. She opens one door and then closes it. She tries the next door down, but it's locked. Dropkick pulls a small ring of keys from her pocket and tries one of them on the handle lock. It won't unlock. She turns, and suddenly there's a really tall, broad-shouldered black man in a nice suit saying, "Can I help you ma'am?" She asks about the solarium. He says that's in the South Wing. He moves to escort her. As she follows, she asks about that locked room. Dropkick says that Lex gave her a master key that was supposed to open all the rooms in the mansion. The guard -- who is even wearing a Secret Service earpiece -- says that room is strictly off-limits, and that only Lex has a key. Dropkick is suddenly as curious as Blackbeard's wife.

Smallville High. No banner out in front of the school to speak of this week. That must be out of respect for...well, I can't really think of what. Maybe the banner committee chair was killed or transferred to Grandville. Stuff is in bloom! Inside, Clark is walking down the hall when Evil Breckin comes up behind him, wearing another product-placed Smallville High t-shirt, and asks where Clark's little buddy is. In his pants, I would hope. Oh, you mean the alien friend. Evil Breckin says payback's gonna suck. One would hope.

Clark keeps walking and ends up in the offices of The Torch. "Magic!" Chloe announces, as soon as Clark walks in. Golfin'? Chloe explains that magic is how Marshall started the fire in the electronics lab. There were strips of magnesium powder behind the blackboard. But wasn't the fire in front of the blackboard? Chloe says all Marshall had to do was set off a detonator and "Poof!" Chloe sets off her own fire on a black block on a desk. First off, the fire alarm doesn't go off here? Next, Principal Asskick is fine with Chloe setting off random fires in a newsroom, where there's tons of paper? Clark only says he didn't see Marshall use a detonator. Chloe holds out a detonator in her right hand says that illusion is the art of misdirection. Chloe says that Marshall is more David Blaine than Wall of Weird. She sprays out the fire with a little water bottle. Clark says that doesn't explain how he cured the horse. Chloe says she's working on that. But she thinks he faked that, too. Clark says he was there and it was real. Chloe won't discount the possibility of mysterious powers, but she says that if Marshall has powers, it's probably from meteor-rock poisoning. Chloe says that Marshall is no more extraterrestrial than Clark. Clunk! Ouch! Clark stares off again. "I'm extra-whatever too!" he thinks.

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