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Catching Trouble

After the ads, Dad's packing up his office, telling Gray, "Jonah agrees to leave town and not come back." See what I mean about all the stuff that happened offscreen? It just seems odd. Dad changes the subject to Mitchell, and Gray grumps, "Why don't you let me handle that?" Dad looks a little embarrassed, and shuts up. Gray tries to let bygones be bygones, and reassures Dad that he loves Jericho, and just wants to keep it safe. Dad's in no mood for reconciliation, though. He lectures, "It's easy when things are going all right, but when you're scared or mad, it gets to be a lot harder." Gray snarks, "Well, I'll try to watch out for that," as Dad heads for the door with his box of goodies. Not to be outdone, Dad says, "I think we'll all be watching," and exits.

Hawkins is playing football with Samuel again. He says that his own father was a great athlete, but that when Hawkins was a kid, his dad was off serving in the Air Force. He explains, "He was gone a lot, and he didn't have time to teach me much. So Sam, that's why I suck at football." And parenting. Cue the Harry Chapin. Then Darcy joins the family bonding. Hawkins takes her hand and says, "I'm here." Darcy nods nervously. Hawkins gives her the ball, slaps her ass, and walks into the house, saying, "Isn't that what football players do to each other?" This episode has an unusual amount of ass-slapping.

Emily's house. Emily helps her father to put a coat on, and explains, "This will keep you warm." Jonah refrains from saying, "I know what coats do, Emily." Instead, he decides to demonstrate how weird it is to tell people things they already know, so he turns and announces that, when her brother Chris was born, Emily was four. He goes on to say that he was into "some bad stuff" then, so Mrs. Jonah left him, in order to protect the kids: "I let her go. But I didn't want to." Emily says that Mrs. Jonah never got over him, and Jonah says, "Like you and Jake." He says that Chris's death was his fault, not Jake's. They hug, and Jonah announces that Jake still loves Emily. And then he leaves. Aw. But whenever there's a guest star who's way more interesting than the main cast, his spirit will live on.

Sean is skateboarding on Main Street when Bonnie drives up in the truck. Sean walks over and asks, "Don't you have a curfew or something?" Bonnie looks dumfounded by what she's doing, but says, "No." Sean says, "Cool," and walks around to get in the truck.

Bailey's. Jake fusses over the jukebox for a minute, and then returns to the bar. Eric asks Mary, "So this is what you've been saving your generator rations for?," and starts to dance with her. "Generator rations"? Does he mean fuel rations? Oh, whatever. They coo and smooch and it's as dull as it always is. Then Emily walks in and joins Jake at the bar. She says that Jonah's gone, and jokingly asks if Mary has any apple wine coolers. Jake asks Mary for some drinks, and then "Nothing Compares 2 U" starts to play. Jake and Emily smirk at each other, and he admits, "Finally remembered the name of that song." He leads her out to the dance floor, and they start twirling around to a breakup song. Which, okay. After dancing for a moment, Emily asks, "What about Heather?" Jake retorts, "What about Roger?" Emily says that they should be grown-ups and walk away now. Jake agrees, and then they spend half a verse almost-but-not-quite-kissing, and just as Jake is about to take the plunge, Eric calls, "Jake! You gotta go outside! Now!"

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