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Catching Trouble

Dad's office. Mom insists that they'll catch Jonah, and tells Dale to sit down. She explains that Gracie changed her will after the bombs: "She left her store to you." Mom assures Dale that they don't expect him to run the store, but he needs to figure out what he wants to do. Dale moans that he can't take the store: "I called her a liar! I said the worst things." Mom says that families have fights, "but that doesn't erase everything that came before."

Hawkins and Jake pull up at Emily's, immediately followed by another truckload of posse members. As Gray and his gang, including Bad Cop, head for the house, Jake protests that "those of us who have been training to protect this town" can handle it. Gray snaps, "Yeah, you're doing a heck of a job." Ha! Gray says that he's seen other men out hunting, and claims that nobody will calm down until Jonah is caught. Emily wanders out to ask what's going on. Gray explains that Jonah killed Gracie, and that they'd like to search her house. Emily smirkily says no, and Jake adds, "She wouldn't hide him." Gray tries to insist, but Jake gets between Gray and the door. Bad Cop reappears to announce that Jonah isn't in the back yard. Hawkins offers to tag along with Gray's posse, and Gray grumpily acquiesces. As they leave, Gray quietly orders Bad Cop, "Watch this house." Bad Cop immediately turns his head to look back at the house as he continues walking. Hee. Unfortunately, he does not walk into a tree while doing that. Once Gray's gang has driven away, Jake tells Emily, "You didn't blink when you heard about Gracie; where is he?" He marches into the house. As soon as he's inside, Jake is greeted by Jonah aiming a gun at him.

Commercials. I hope every act break features Jonah waving his gun at people as they enter the house. And then, after they've got a house full of terrified extras, Jonah will say, "Oh, sorry, Mitchell superglued this gun to my hand. He's such a prankster!"

Instead, though, Jonah tells Jake that he didn't kill Gracie. Jake asks what's up with the gun, then. Jonah says he thinks that Jake might try to be "some kind of hero" and bring him in. Emily quietly notes that Jonah needs to see a doctor for his arm. Jonah snaps that he's not going into town. Isn't he in town already? He adds that he needs Jake's help. Jake says, "I'm not helping you do anything; for all I know you're a murderer." Jake, here's a tip: don't antagonize the guy pointing a gun at you. Jonah says that he was greeted by Mitchell and the rest of his men with the news that Gracie had been killed: "When I asked who did it, Mitchell said, 'You did. And I saw the whole thing.'" Then Mitchell attacked him, so Jonah conked Mitchell with a crowbar. I think Mitchell should reconsider his desire to take over Jonah's gang, if they just watched Jonah brain him and run away and didn't do a thing about it. Jonah also mentions that the rebellion is Emily's fault, since the men rebelled when Jonah let her get away with the generator. With his recriminations out of the way, Jonah suddenly collapses. As they help him to a chair, Jake proposes taking Jonah to Town Hall, but Jonah doesn't like that idea. Jake takes the time to harangue Jonah for putting Emily's life at risk. Emily snaps at him to shut up and get a doctor for Jonah.

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