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Catching Trouble

Bonnie stands in front of Gracie's store, admiring the obligatory sidewalk memorial. There are teddy bears and cards and candles. Although the candles aren't lit, so maybe someone finally told the townsfolk that, in addition to their symbolic value, candles have some practical uses. Dale walks up, and Bonnie asks him what happened. After Dale explains about Gracie, Skylar rushes across the street, gasping, "I just heard," and gives Dale a hug. And then Sean appears with a couple of other kids, and asks Dale to open the store up so that they can "have some fun." He's starved for entertainment. Dale tells him to back off, and informs everyone that he owns the store now. Sean sniffs, "Worked out for you, then." Dale takes a swing at Sean, and the kids all help to separate Sean and Dale. Well, Sean's friends hold Sean back, and Skylar, all by herself, wraps her arms around Dale's waist and hauls him back. Hee. Sean taunts Dale some more, and Skylar tells him to get lost. Bonnie pushes Sean back, and he looks her up and down and says, "See you around?"

Hawkins returns home and tells Darcy that they're still searching for Jonah. He says he needs to check something in the bunker, and then he's headed out again. Darcy grumps that he's always running off with his friends, and Hawkins says, "It's not all that different than before." Which is kind of her point. She quietly says that the kids are getting used to having him around. Hawkins asks, "What about you?" "Yeah, me too," she admits. Then she tells him to lock up the bunker, or let the posse go without him: "The damn world ended. Can't you just be with us?"

Bailey's. Kenchy's at the bar, so he's acclimated to town pretty well. Jake hurries in and asks him to come along. When Kenchy asks where they're going, Jake says, "I'll tell you on the way to the medical center." Why not just say "the medical center," then? Even if you go somewhere else afterward, it's still true. Kenchy sniffs that Jake should get a real doctor, and goes on gulping his drink. Jake says, "A real doctor wouldn't do what I need done." He takes Kenchy's glass away and yanks him along by the arm.

Cut to Kenchy bandaging Jonah's arm, noting, "Whoever did this used a serrated edge." He finishes up with the arm and tells Jake that he gave Jonah a shot for the pain. "He'll probably fall asleep now." They all move into the dining room as Kenchy asks if Jonah is the man who killed Gracie. Jake says that Jonah denies committing the crime. Kenchy and Emily agree that nobody's going to care much about pesky little facts. Jake says that he'll get Dad, who'll fix everything. Emily agrees, so Jake hands her Jonah's gun and tells her to lock the door. Once Jake has gone, Kenchy goes to wash his hands, and Emily goes along to watch, I guess. The camera pulls back to where Jonah is collapsed on a couch. He raises his head and looks around.

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