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Catching Trouble

Cut to Jonah sneaking out through the yard.

Hawkins Homestead. In the bunker, Hawkins fires up the laptop and gets a message: "Response is critical. Send your coordinates ASAP." Hawkins types, "My coordinates are" and then pauses to ponder things. Then he deletes the message and types, "Compromised. Proceed without me."

In front of the store, Gray speechifies that Gracie's murder shows that they're not safe. I'd have hoped that the bombs, fires, missiles, and supply shortages would have gotten that point across already. Unless he means they aren't safe from the Greens. He goes on rousing the rabble, saying that bad guys will see the townsfolk as targets now. Dad watches from outside Town Hall as Gray suggests that they should "make an example" of Jonah. The crowd murmurs agreeably, as they always do. I wonder if Jake secretly wanted to blow up the bridge because if one person ever jumped off it, the rest of the townsfolk would follow like lemmings. Speaking of Jake, that's when he walks over to chat with Dad. Gray winds up by reminding everyone to vote for him tomorrow.

Stanley brings a pail of water over to where Mimi is scrubbing laundry outside. She complains when he splashes the water, and he responds by saying, "Sorry about that, Mom," and slapping her ass. Mimi is all, oh no, and he drawls, "C'mon, you can call me 'Pa.'" Hee. Mimi says that's creepy, and she's not wrong. Then as Stanley starts hanging laundry on the clothesline, she starts to make the "That was a mistake" speech. But praise the lord, this isn't setting up another pointless hurdle for their relationship, mainly because Stanley ignores her. Mimi makes another attempt, saying that she hasn't had many second dates in the past five years. She asks if Stanley can guess why, and he grins, "Because you're obnoxious and demanding and totally self-absorbed." Mimi agrees with a sigh, and says that Stanley is "simple, sweet, [and] bull-headed." She says that their relationship will never work, but Stanley counters, "That's what they said about Brangelina." He asks what they'd be called: "Stimiley? Mimiley? Stimi!" Okay, I'll admit that "Stimi" is pretty funny. But still: NO. Mimi cracks up, calls Stanley an idiot, and with that out of the way, they start smooching again.

Dad's office. Eric and Dad are very cranky because Jake has found Jonah and wants to arrange for him to be brought in peacefully. You'd think they'd be happier about it. Dad explains that if anyone finds out that Jake helped to hide Jonah from the posse, they'll all be in trouble. Jake shares Jonah's story about being framed by Mitchell, and says that it could be true. Dad goes on yelling that they need to go bring Jonah in, and Jake rightly snaps, "That's what I came here for!" Then Good Cop lets Emily in, and she announces, "He's gone." Oopsie.

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