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Of Curses and Comic Cons

Clark brings Alec to the Daily Planet because the show couldn't afford to build a police station set. Zatanna is waiting there with Alec's aunt and a cop. The kid goes off with his aunt, at least content in the knowledge that 12 or so years from now, he'll be super hot. Zatanna tells Clark, "I could swear there's a twinkle of magic in your eyes." Nah, it's just the overhead lighting. Clark says he always gains a bit of perspective when Zatanna's around. She wonders if they could find a way to keep their "team-up" going? So that's what the kids are calling it these days. Clark says he's flattered, but... He looks across the room to where Lois is tangled up in a phone cord and cursing under her breath. "I think I'm interested in finding my fantasy somewhere else," he says. Zatanna glances at Lois before turning back to Clark with a sad smile. "Must be love," she says. Clark looks surprised. Zatanna goes on: "Make sure she knows just how lucky she is, Clark." With that, she heads up the stairs, tossing one final smile over her shoulder at Clark.

Clark heads over to Lois's desk where she's still fighting with the phone cord. [Those things can be tricky. - Z] Lois finally gets herself untangled and mentions that Zatanna got the charges against Alec dropped. Speaking of the lady magician... Clark follows Lois through the office, stammering about Zatanna being just a friend until Lois tells him to just spit it out. Comical music plays. Clark takes a big breath and spills: When he and Zatanna were tracking down leads for the comic book ("Which was the truth and totally still is the truth!" Clark reassures Lois), they were talking and before he knew it, Zatanna was really close to him. "She kissed me," he says, then quickly adds, "but it's not what I meant to happen!" Plus, you actually kissed her because of her icky magical spell. I don't know why he can't tell the actual, whole truth here, since Lois knows about magic stuff being real. Instead of badgering him, Lois smiles. "I was wondering how long it would take you to fess up," she says. Clark seems shocked she saw through his tissue of lies. He promises it'll never happen again. Lois admits to being insecure about it, which she hates, but she'll get used to other people thinking Clark is fantastic. Clark seems relieved. "This isn't the reaction I expected," he says. Lois tells him to expect the unexpected and then proceeds to grab the first guy who walks by, dipping him like they're on Dancing With the Stars and plants a kiss on him. She lets him up after a few seconds so he can wander away wondering what the hell that was all about. Lois triumphantly tells Clark to remember that the next time one of his "lady friends" invades his personal space. Clark, not at all perturbed, goes on with the rest of his apology by inviting Lois to a costume ball at MetCon. Lois points out he hates costumes. He does, but being with her is his fantasy. She's charmed and accepts the apology. They smile sweetly at each for a few seconds, then Lois drops the bomb: "I get to pick out your costume!" She drags him away to play dress-up. She simply has to make him wear that French maid outfit.

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