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Of Curses and Comic Cons

Watchtower. Chloe's just returning from a long day of high heels and heroic letdowns. As she walks through the door, an arrow slices through the air, hitting a target that's set up nearby. Her initial surprise gives way to a sigh. "Slow night?" she asks, undoing the belt of her coat. Romantic guitar music of the usual CW variety begins to play. Oliver says he thought he'd get some target practice and some scotch. "Did you bring enough for the rest of the class?" she asks, sounding utterly exhausted. "Help yourself, Professor," he says, then remarks, "Running a little light on allegory tonight." Was that the word you were really looking for, Oliver? He shoots off another arrow and asks after Chloe's day. She drops onto the sofa behind him and pours her drink. "Someone asked me when the last time I had a good time was... and I didn't have an answer." Oliver looks back at her, smiling a little. Without her coat, she's got on a sleeveless, olive green top and black skirt. I repeat: Her shirt is olive green. No one could fault her for being on edge, he says. He turns back to his target practice. He gets it, he says. She smiles. He goes on, "Sometimes, you gotta take your fun where you can get it." He lets another arrow fly. "And sometimes, it's right in front of your face. You just have to want to see it." He turns to look at Chloe with an unusually bare expression. She smiles at him some more but I don't think she's quite getting his drift yet. He gestures for her to join him and she deliberately places her glass on the table. Having kicked off her high heels, she pads over to him in a way that's somehow sexier because it's not trying to be sexy. It's the way you'd get up from bed and walk to the bathroom while your significant other watches. It's... familiar and without pretense. Oliver positions Chloe's hands on his bow and arrow, then moves into position behind her. He lifts her right elbow ever so slightly, then runs his fingers down the length of her forearm to her fingers. "How do I know when to let go?" she asks in a murmur. She looks a little scared, but then he tells her, "It's all about your heart. Just listen, right there in between the beats." She looks down at his fingers touching hers. He whispers in her ear, "That's when you let go." She swallows and then, with a breath, lets the arrow (and possibly more) just go. Hot damn. Good job on the direction, Allison Mack.

So, overall, a pretty good episode! At first I felt like this whole thing with Chloe and Oliver felt like it came out of nowhere, but then I remembered thinking in "Roulette" that he seemed attracted to her and then there was the bit last week where he seemed quick to explain that his emailing with Canary was "purely platonic." By Smallville standards, that probably counts as emotional continuity, such as it is. I shouldn't get my hopes up, given the show's history with relationships, but it's hard not to when they've got such potential.

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