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Of Curses and Comic Cons

Just then, a particularly klutzy fan knocks over a spindle of comics and Harry rushes over to investigate, leaving the keys in the door of the forbidden display case. The boy stares for a long moment and then the next thing we see, he's darting through the crowd and Harry's shouting for security. Harry runs smack into a Star Wars storm trooper. He apologizes before he runs off again, so I guess he's at least a polite little thief. Nearby, Chloe checks her phone for messages when the storm trooper bumps into her. Chloe's miffed until the trooper removes her helmet and reveals herself to be Lois Lane. Lois grumps about her editor assigning her to be an "embedded journalist" at the con. [She must be imbedded with the 501st! - Z] She complains that no one will talk to her in this outfit. Then you must be doing something wrong, because people at cons freaking love storm troopers. Chloe points out a pair of scantily clad buxom beauties with the implication that maybe a similar outfit would make Lois more approachable. Lois sighs that she's so out of touch with the fantasy world lately. "No wonder Clark's been avoiding me!" They talk boringly about Lois's fear of intimacy and not letting loose enough. Chloe tells her to calm down and focus on her work. Chloe gets a text message from Oliver, letting her know that he's spotted the target -- a "maniac with boomerangs." Hilariously, he ends the text with, "Hooray." [Hey, why hasn't Captain Boomerang turned up on this show? Talk about your cheap special effect. - Z] So I guess Chloe's at the con for... work? Lois tells Chloe she needs to have a little fun and get her hands on something hunky. Chloe smiles and reluctantly agrees to give it a try. Lois goes off to make a call. Meanwhile, the little thief has hidden somewhere to read his stolen comic. The secret battle cry is... "With angels' might!" Yeah, now we know why it doesn't show up again. The boy finds out that in the original version of the story, Warrior Angel started out as a little kid who read a magical comic book and was transformed into a superhero. The pages begin to glitter and glow as he reads. Lights leap from the comic and swirl around him. The light sweeps through the convention floor, hitting a heavy-looking metal planet suspended from the ceiling. Chloe is directly underneath it as it begins to sway. The chain holding it snaps and sends the planet hurtling toward her. She ducks and covers, preparing to be turned into Chloe paté, but the smooshification never comes. When she looks up, there's a handsome young man in a Warrior Angel costume, holding the planet aloft like a modern-day Atlas. Convention goers applaud. The mysterious hero asks if Chloe's OK. She looks up with stars in her eyes and nods. He grins down at her, she grins up at him. Somebody saved her!

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