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Of Curses and Comic Cons

Back at the con, Clark and Zatanna wind up in some sort of prep area. There are stacks of chairs, a baker's cart of pots and pans, a mop and bucket. Zatanna looks surprised to find themselves alone. "Sorry my locater spell wasn't more accurate," she says. She looks around and shrugs. "He should be... close?" Clark says, "I guess you can't expect magic to be an exact science." Zatanna oohs and ahhs over Clark making such a "clever play on words," which, no, he didn't. She lays it on thicker than springtime manure: "Wonderful wit and sparkling theatrics. Mr. Blur's really up to his game!" She gives him a coquettish smile but he seems oblivious, partly because he's kind of dense and partly because he's just seen the cursed comic book underneath a box with his X-ray vision. She practically purrs at him. "I always knew you were packing some heavy artillery under than tie." He remains humble. Zatanna's amazed that with powers like that, he can treat this like it's just all in a day's work. He doesn't really think about it, he says. Being super is just like breathing. "And with a gift like that," Zatanna says, "comes responsibilities." He says, wonderingly, that he's spent so much time doing what's right that he's only had time for reality. Guess that's why he's too busy to do anything about those freaking solar towers that Zod's building. Clark mopes that the con-goers with their capes just don't understand. Zatanna sympathizes. With her magic, she can create everybody else's fantasy, but for her... "It's become so normal." Then she goes fishing: "But hey, at least you have that fiery 'space trooper' to stargaze with at the end of the day." [She must be a Trekkie. - Z] They stand around talking about relationships (Clark is keeping Lois at a distance because of his past relationships) instead of going off to find a cursed superhero. Zatanna cozies up to Clark. "Maybe what you need is a moment of true fantasy to remind you what the spark is all about." Her eyes flash neon blue and suddenly she and Clark are surrounded by hundreds of candles. Man, what a fire hazard. She rubs her hands all over his shoulders, but he resists. He doesn't exactly run away, either, though. She whispers some words of magic in his ear. This time, Clark's eyes glow and he leans in to kiss her. They kiss and kiss and Zatanna leads him to a chair. He sits and she straddles his lap, smooching up on him the whole time. Suddenly, he stands up and the candles disappear. "I can't do this," he says. Zatanna teases him. "I think we found a mouth more magical than mine." Ew. She gives him a sly look and walks off, leaving to deal with his magical boner all alone. Commercials.

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