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Changing Ground

Meanwhile, there is some awfully big tension between Scarlett and Avery. She wants to talk about it, and finally says that she doesn't want to feel bad about the deal. Furthermore, she really wants to write, and would love it if Avery supported her like she supports him. He says that he's trying. Not very hard, but still.

Back at the publishing office, Hailey opens the fridge to find a whole bunch of yogurts with her name on them, literally. When you have a publishing deal, I guess you can afford lots of yogurt. Gunnar comes around the corner and says that it's his yogurt, which is a strange and yet I suppose charming way of flirting. Kids these days! So on board with the acidophilus and the romance.

And THEN. Teddy drives to a secluded parking lot of some sort, where he gets out of his car and into Peggy's. He thanks her for coming, and she says that this is torture, and that she felt sick at the fundraiser. He knows and is sorry, and says that the campaign changes everything. People have been digging into his past. Peggy tells him that someone is going to find out. Find out WHAT? He asks if she's told anyone, and she says that she hasn't. Bu the two of them have kept "this secret" for a long time, and she thinks it's better if they come clean on their own terms. ABOUT WHAT? Teddy acknowledges that what they did (WHAT?) was really stupid, but she can't talk about it (WHAT?) to anyone. His campaign, marriage, and family depends on it, and so does hers. DEPENDS ON WHAT? And though this sort of makes it seem like they are/were having an affair, I bet it has to do with his financial scandal and burned papers. Otherwise wouldn't they be making out already?

Meanwhile, Juliette sits alone at home, being sad. Glenn comes in and says that their working relationship isn't panning out. She asks if he's dropping her, and he says that his job is to give her the best advice he can. And whatever problems she had, the interview and subsequent walk-out made them exponentially worse. Juliette understands this for real, finally. She turns her back, and begs Glenn not to drop her. She wants her tour back, and wants her image restored, and promises that she'll do whatever it takes, and whatever Glenn says. What Glenn really wants to know is why she took the nail polish. Juliette says that it's something she used to do as a kid, and it made her feel like she could take care of herself when nobody else would. And that makes total sense. It also makes sense that she'd regress and return to that behavior with MethMom in the house using up all her ketchup and cream cheese. Glenn agrees to stay, as long as Juliette listens. As he leaves he tells her to call a friend and get her mind off of this. But Juliette doesn't have friends -- she has people who want to be seen with her. Or used to. And at least 70 percent of that is her fault, I'd say. She doesn't seem like the kind of person you'd just love to pal around with. Though her nail polish collection is unparalleled and could make for a quality girls' night.

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