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Changing Ground

Back at Juliette's, the weight of her current predicament seems to be sinking in a little as Glenn continues to make panicked phone calls, Katie Couric mentions the scandal on her talk show, and Jolene comes out with two huge bags of nail polish and wonders why she'd bother stealing anything when she has all these fancy colors. Juliette grabs the bags and implores Glenn to send Jolene back to Birmingham, but he says that's for the judge to decide... in seven weeks. Juliette yells at Glenn to pull some strings, and tries the old, "Tell them who I am" argument. Glenn notes that Juliette's name won't do all that much good in the justice system right now. Desperate to get away from her mom, Juliette goes to take a drive and probably steal some shoelaces or something. But when she gets to her gate, she finds a whole bunch of paparazzi waiting. As her assistant suggests turning around, Juliette says that this is a nightmare. And not the kind of hot nightmare where you get to have sex with Deacon.

Soon, McKenna arrives in her stylish suit and fancy shoes. Glenn is awfully glad to see her, but Juliette, in full yoga gear, just continues to do downward dogs and ignore her. That is until McKenna says that she drafted a press release on the plane, which they need to get out as soon as possible. Juliette doesn't want to put out any sort of statement, but McKenna says that her fans deserve an explanation. If they don't get ahead of this thing, she adds, the fallout could be huge. To that end, McKenna has also booked Juliette on Good Morning America, which you also may recognize as an ABC program. Juliette starts in on the "isn't there any real news" track, though I'm guessing that if people cared about real news she wouldn't be such a huge star in the first place. But Juliette is resolute that there will be no statement, and no interview, Namaste. I feel like even the Buddha would be like, "...Just go talk to Robin Roberts already."

Then we're back at the Capitol Grille, which must be a sponsor of this show. There are a LOT of good restaurants in Nashville, is all I'm saying, and we've seen this one a few times now. Bucky calls Deacon from the bar to ask if he'll play with Rayna at Teddy's fundraiser. Deacon, from a diner booth, wonders if Bucky has talked to Rayna. He notes that he's supporting Coleman Carlise. I mean, so is Rayna, really. Eventually Deacon agrees, and when he hangs up the phone we see that he's actually sitting with Cole, who notes that it's hard to say no to the Wyatt/Jaymes/Conrad family. And it turns out that Cole is Deacon's sponsor! Jeez, everyone in this town is either an alcoholic or a sex addict, which is why it's such a fun place to visit.

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