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Changing Ground

We then catch up with Gunnar and Scarlett, who are having dinner with the head of the publishing company, along with Avery and Hailey. Gunnar talks about being in Nashville for three years, and it's obvious that he moved there in hopes of being a songwriter. Scarlett of course just followed Avery to Nashville. She says that the songwriting thing was a bit of an accident, though she's always written poems and stories. She then starts waxing poetic about the writing process and imagery, you know, because she's so deep. Scarlett doesn't want to go on and on, given that she's just starting out, but her publisher says that she's better than a lot of people who have been doing it for a lot longer. Zoom in on Avery, who looks none too thrilled to even be in the room. Gunnar notes that Deacon is Scarlett's uncle, but she says that most of what she learned came from Avery. She talks up what a great songwriter he is, and Avery gets very weird and hostile about it. Gunnar changes the topic by asking about Hailey, partly to cut the tension and partly to get in her pants.

When then cut to a walk-through at the country club, where Rayna is faced with her worst nightmare -- a committee of country club women, many of whom she seems to have gone to high school with. She lies that she's thrilled to be there, and that it will be nice to see so many old familiar faces. And then another lady comes in, and tries to scoot out once she sees Rayna. Someone else spots her and calls her over before she can get out, though, and we learn that this is Peggy. She's played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who is married to Brad Paisley and thus knows a thing or two about being a country music spouse. Rayna and Peggy are very awkward together, and Teddy also looks awfully uncomfortable. Nonetheless, he comes over and greets Peggy (who goes by Margaret now, even though everyone continues to call her Peggy), and the suspicious looks going back and forth are numerous and of top quality.

With the publisher's dinner over, Hailey asks Gunnar, Scarlett, and Avery if they want to go for another round. Scarlett seems like she's on board, but Avery wants to call it a night. Scarlett agrees through sad chipmunk cheeks. As they walk off, Avery is a total dick to her. He says he hates when she talks up his music, because he doesn't need her help. Right, because he's been so successful so far! And then he gets on her case about the writing process crap and asks when she became such an expert. And you know, he IS a total asshole, but I can also see where he's coming from. She's like, "Oh mah gawrsh look what the stork brought me! A publishin' deal!" I mean, there's not paying your dues, and then there's not even ever having heard of dues. Avery is so peeved that he walks home. I think what he really should be mad about is the fact that he didn't figure out how to exploit her raw talent first. Well played, Gunnar!

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