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Changing Ground

After a break, we return to a post-coital moment. There are a lot of those on this show! This time it's Gunnar and Hailey, who wasted exactly no time getting down to business. She wonders exactly how awkward this is going to be at work, not yet realizing that Gunnar is only into fake-awkward moments that in reality make things not awkward. Hailey says that this can be a one-time thing, but both of them look like they'd at least like to make it a two-time thing. Gunnar thinks that Hailey is like a dude, except for the yogurt, obviously. We see sad Scarlett drive up to Gunnar's place juuuuust as he and Hailey are exiting arm in arm. I feel like this is some specific imagery that she can use to communicate a universal experience, per her own writing philosophy.

Back at Juliette's, McKenna is going over the details of the GMA interview with Robin Roberts, which will be via satellite and air the next morning. McKenna says that they have a great relationship with Robin, who is fair but thorough. She asks if Juliette has checked out the prep document. Juliette doesn't know what a prep document is, and so McKenna has to spell out for her the questions that Robin will likely ask. This is why she gets paid the big bucks and can afford such nice shoes. The topics McKenna poses include why Juliette stole when she has so much money, what kind of example this sets for her young fans, and how she's now lumped in with the likes of Lindsay and Winona. Juliette argues that she didn't rob Saks, doesn't have three DUIs, and isn't some white trash lowlife who was caught raising roosters to peck each others' eyes out. I think the "white trash lowlife" part is debatable. Evidence A: Pink macaroni. Juliette doesn't see what the big deal is over one bottle of nail polish. McKenna tells her not to defend herself in the interview because it will just make things worse. Juliette spent a lot of time hiding where she came from, says McKenna, and the last thing she wants is to expose it now. She's got her image and brand to protect, and McKenna wants her to stay on message, be honest, and take responsibility. Juliette says that she got it, but her signature smirk lets us know that what she's got is actually a deep pile of shit that she's gleefully about to step into.

Meanwhile, Scarlett is confessing her quarter life crisis to Deacon. She says she came to Nashville to be with Avery and support him, but while he's been struggling, she and Gunnar got a deal without even trying. Deacon points out that Gunnar has actually been trying for quite a while. It's Scarlett who is basically the non-trying-est/luckiest person alive, as everyone knows. Deacon tells her that people grow, sometimes at different rates, and it's not easy to be the one who's always struggling to catch up. And Avery's either going to grow or be left behind, and that's that. I think Deacon can relate to the "left behind" part here.

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