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Changing Ground

Cut to backstage at the country club, where Rayna asks Bucky for a cigarette. It turns out that she doesn't smoke, but just wants to hold it. That's one particularly ineffective way of calming your nerves. She wonders where Deacon is, and Bucky says he just texted him. But Deacon isn't really a texter, as Rayna knows. Can you imagine him writing an "LOL," ever? Rayna paces and paces and finally admits that she's nervous to be back at the country club. Bucky tells her that she's among her people, and Rayna wonders why everyone keeps saying that. She emphasizes again that these are not her people -- in fact, they're the same people who made fun of her in high school for liking country music. Bucky tells her to enjoy the last laugh of being a big star, and she once again asks for a cigarette to hold. Bucky does so, realizing that part of a manager's job is to cater to the crazy person.

And speaking of crazy people, Juliette is settling into her interview. She's via satellite with Robin Roberts, who brings up Lindsay and Winona just like McKenna said she would. Robin asks how Juliette explains the shoplifting video, and Juliette makes up a cockamamie story about how jealous people are that she's young, rich and famous. Bad call, girl. She says that she put the nail polish in her purse because she didn't want it to fall through the basket, which elicits a "Girl, please," look from Robin. We all know those slats were completely covered by the jars of queso. Juliette goes on about how difficult it is for her to go out of her house without being followed or harassed, and says that when you're on top, some people are not just waiting for you to fall, but also giving you a little push. Glenn and McKenna can't believe it. But the real kicker comes when Robin asks if it's true that Juliette's mother was arrested for possession of drugs. Juliette declares the interview over, rips off her microphone, and storms out. Meanwhile, the fake-producers of GMA do a dance of joy.

Deacon finally shows up at the country club and it appears that he is awfully late. He confirms that he "doesn't do texts," and Rayna, sensing impending doom, asks everyone to clear out. Lamar, of course, can't resist needling Deacon, thanking him for finally gracing the rest of them with his presence and sarcastically saying that they're in no rush. Teddy seems to want to take the high road, asking Lamar to leave with him so the musicians can get ready. But Lamar wouldn't be Lamar if he weren't a moustache-twirling dick, so instead he tells Deacon that they can always count on him to be underdressed, particularly at a $1,400 per ticket event where there's no need to look presentable. And I mean, Deacon could be wearing something a little nicer, truth be told. But it's not like he's in a tank top. It's fine. Deacon looks at Rayna, who just shakes her head. He tells Lamar that he's only doing this as a favor for Rayna, and Lamar says, "Why don't you begrudge one tiny little favor for a family that's carried you on its back for 20 years?" Whoa, pops!

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